Western Civ Quizzes (1-3)

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Ancient Egypt history is divided into ______ major periods.
The word \”theocracy\” means rule bu the strongest
According to Egyptian theology, the pharaoh derived his authority from …
The fact that he was perceived as a divine instrument of order and harmony.
The physical environment of the Mesopotamian generally led to…
A pessimistic outlook with an emphasis on satisfying their angry gods.
Hominids split off from the great apes around six million years ago in what continent?
Egypt’s Old Kingdom ended for all of the following except:
A) foreign invasion
B) a drought caused by low levels of the Nile
C) a decline in rainfall
D) economic troubles
E) decline of centralized authority
A) foreign invasion.
The Sumerian government
Came to view kings as agents of their gods.
The term \”civilization\” refers to human societies which, amongst other features
Have an urban focus and a distinct religious culture.
The Hyksos
Were a Semitic-speaking people who infiltrated Egypt in the seventeenth century B.C.
Like the people of Mesopotamia, the Egyptians had a very negative attitude toward daily life.
The first modern Homo sapiens
First Appeared in Africa between 200,000 and 150,000 years ago.
The original Indo-Europeans possible came from
The Steppe region north of the Black Sea.
All of the following are believed to be developments of the Paleolithic Age except:
A) the utilization of tools
B) origins of religious and decorative art
C) a social system with rough equality between the sexes
D) the controlled use of fire
E) the regular production of food through agriculture
E) the regular production of food through agriculture.
The term Ma’at expresses the Egyptian belief in
Truth, justice, and order in the universe.
Sumerian kings derived their authority from
The gods.
The economy of ancient Egypt relied most heavily on
The most prominent structure in a Sumerian city was a temple called a ziggurat.
The earliest Mesopotamian Empire was founded by Gilgamesh
Punishments for crimes under the Code of Hammurabi
Were more severe for the lower classes.
Mesopotamia is located in the valley of the
Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
The Hittites played an important role in the history of the Middle East because they
Transmitted Mesopotamian culture to the west, especially to the Mycenaen Greeks.
Akhenaten is best known for his unsuccessful attempt to reform Egypt’s
Unlike the rivers in Mesopotamia, the Nile river
Floods periodically at the same time every year.
The Hittites were
An Indo-European speaking people that made weapons of war.
Mesopotamian religion was
One in which no one god reigned supreme and deities were closely related to cities.
The early Neolithic era saw
A slow transition from hunting and gathering to an agricultural society.
The focal points and sources of life for the ancient Egyptians were the
Nile River and the pharaohs.
The Egyptian Pyramids were
Conceived and built as tombs for a city of the dead.
Originally the Osiris cult was reserved for
The wealthy who could afford preservation of the body.
Which of the Egyptian gods was most closely associated with the mummification of the dead.
The basic unit of early Mesopotamian civilization was the
Amenhotep IV is best known for
The temporary installation of the god of the sun disk in Egyptian culture.
The Epic of Gilgamesh teaches that
Human life is difficult and immortality is only for the gods.
In comparison to Mesopotamian society, Egyptian society was
More rural.
Gilgamesh was
The Hero of a Sumerian epic poem.
The tradition of the Hebrews states that they were descendant of the patriarch _________ who had migrated from Mesopotamia to the land of Palestine.
Scholars agree that between _____ and _____ BCE, the Israelites emerged as a distinct group of people who established a united kingdom known as Israel.
1200 and 1400
Moses united the Israelites after the Egyptian bondage by putting them under the protection of a new national god named ______.
The founder of the Kingdom of Israel (1000-970 BCE) was the military hero

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