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I. Introduction a. Attention Getter: Ladies, imagine a day where you get to walk down the aisle in the biggest, whitest dress you could find to the prince charming you always dreamed of. Or guys, watching the woman of your dreams walk towards you ready to be your wife. b. Chances are all of the people in this room have thought about getting married to the love of your life sometime in your future.

(even if you haven’t met them yet). According to the United States Census Bureau, 90% of the people sitting in this room will get married at least once in their lifetimes. Marriage is meant to be a lifetime commitment and nothing starts that lifetime better than a day you will never forget.c. My dream career is to become a wedding planner, and help couples achieve the day of their dreams. To reach this dream, I am a public relations major, and spend part of my free time reading different wedding magazines and studying the art of the wedding.

d. In order to plan a beyond successful wedding, it is important to learn and understand the key elements that will make a wedding a day nobody will ever forget. e. In my speech we will explore some major elements of planning the wedding of your dreams. First, the essential elements of your day, next, locations for your event, and last popular decoration elements that will make your wedding day the most beautiful day of your life.Transition: To start, we will start with the basics, which anyone planning on getting married has to think about and decide on.

II. BodyA. Every couple planning on wedding must endure these three essential basics. a. When a couple is ready to take the next step in their relationship, it is a given that first step is the engagement.

The engagement is a crucial time when all the logistics and planning for a wedding takes place. The average engagement length is approximately 1.5 years. b.

When the planning begins, the first thing to be determined is the budget. According to Cinderella Dreams by Cele C. Otnes, a wedding planner, the average wedding in America costs $22,000. c.

The next crucial decision is picking the date for the wedding to take place. It is important to pick a date that is the best for you and your guests. Summer is the most popular time of year for weddings so couples should be aware that finding venues and vendors will be more difficult than other times of year.Transition: Now that we’ve gone over the crucial elements of your dream day, it is time to investigate potential places for the wedding to take place.B. One of the most important aspects of a wedding, is where a couple chooses to hold the ceremony and/or reception.

d. Nearly 80% of couples choose to hold the ceremony at a place of religious worship, while the other 20% have the ceremony and reception in the same venue. e. First, in order to pick the perfect venue to hold your reception and ceremony, you will need to know how approximately how many people will be in attendance.

f. Next, is investigating and searching out the perfect venue. According to Marcy Blum, co-author of Wedding Planning for Dummies, whom has been planning weddings for 17 years, in order to find the perfect venue a couple should reach out to consumer wedding magazines, internet sites such as, and people you know that have recently gotten married to find the best locations that fit your specific needs.Transition: Now that you have picked the date, and venue, it is time to explore your décor options.C.

The décor you choose should reflect your tastes/ personality as a couple. g. A couple should first decide on a color scheme of 2-3 colors to use in the décor. h. Today, the dominant décor element of a wedding are floral arrangements.

Flowers are one of the most expensive costs of the wedding so it is important not to go overboard when choosing your blooms. On average it is customary to have 2-4 different blooms in the arrangements. i. Flowers are integrated in every design element of the wedding, and two of the most important design elements are the table centerpieces and the bouquets the bride and bridal party will carry.

j. Another important element is lighting. The lighting should reflect the color scheme and be used to enhance the beauty of the floral arrangements.Transition: Once these basic elements are considered and planned, you will be headed directly in the direction of a romantic, beautiful wedding day.III.

Conclusion f. Thesis/ Summary: In our culture, a wedding is the beginning to a lifetime with the love of your life, and by understanding the key elements of planning a wedding, you are well on your way to successfully planning the day of your dreams. g. Close: So its that day you are to get married, and all around you are your family and closest friends. All of the planning you have done as a couple was worth the time it took and you know you will have the most memorable day of your life.

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