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In the 2002 film release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. the author Nia Vardalos. manager Joel Zwick and manufacturer Tom Hanks. state the narrative of a existent life scenario that is increasing in our of all time diverse universe.

Vardalos. establishing the film on her existent life matrimony. gives the audience an indoors position as to what goes on inside an interfaith matrimony and how to do it work. Yet in today’s society. the typical position of a matrimony is seen as either a fairy narrative or ball and concatenation.

However. after watching this film. we can see that My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a great testimonial to marriage demoing that household is a portion of matrimony. work forces and adult females have their several functions. and most of all a matrimony takes work.My Large Fat Greek Wedding follows the love affair of Toula and Ian from first meeting to their nuptials.

Toula Portokalos. a 30 twelvemonth old Greek adult female populating with her very traditional Grecian household in Chicago. who still has non fulfilled her Grecian family’s outlooks to get married a nice Grecian male child. do Grecian babes. and feed everybody until the twenty-four hours she dies.

Toula dreams of more. but feels constrained by her household traditions and her father’s surrounding love. Toula has her female parent. Maria. convince her male parent.

Gus. to let her to go to school to brush up on her computing machine accomplishments and she is able to get away being a seating hostess at the household eating house by working in her aunt’s travel bureau shop. Thingss alteration. when Toula meets Ian. for the 2nd clip. and is swept off her pess by a adult male who is everything she could trust for.

except he is non Grecian.Toula and Ian’s relationship rapidly blooms. until Toula’s really big and closely knit Greek household finds out about the relationship and demand it end. but with convincing they are able to see that Ian is willing to make whatever it takes. even change overing to the Grecian Orthodox Church and being baptized. to be with Toula and a portion of their household.

Throughout their battle Toula’s household dictates in every item of the nuptials and matrimony. runing from the pick of bride’s amahs frocks. marrying invitations. to the topographic point the twosome will marry and populate. On the opposite spectrum.

there is Ian’s household who agree to whatever makes their boy happy. In the terminal. Toula has fulfilled her outlooks from her household with the exclusion of get marrieding a non-Greek adult male.One of the facets of matrimony My Big Fat Greek Wedding shows is that household is a portion of matrimony. When two people decide in a brotherhood of matrimony there is ever more to it than merely the two people.

there is the household. As persons we are connected to our roots and background that has molded us into what we are today and this is our household. something that we can non get away. In Toula’s instance she was controlled by her household in all facets of her life. from working to relationships.

Toula rebelled against the traditions of her roots and dated and married a non-Greek adult male. This made struggles develop between Toula and her parents. Ian and Toula’s parents and created a tenseness in their relationship.The tradition of the adult male traveling to the woman’s male parent and inquiring for his permission to date/marry his girl is an facet of the traditional subjects of household.

It is a really of import facet of the matrimony to hold household blessing to be genuinely happy. If the household is non happy it will impact the relationship. conveying out tensenesss between the twosome. as did happen with Toula and Ian. In their instance. in order for the relationship to work Ian had to do many via medias and forfeits in order for the household to accept him for who he was.

non Grecian. It is of import to maintain in head that when you marry. you marry the in-laws and drawn-out household.A 2nd facet of matrimony My Big Fat Greek Wedding shows is that work forces and adult females are set with a conceived impression of responsibilities in the relationship.

Coming from rigorous spiritual and traditional positions it is ever the woman’s topographic point to be the soundless figure following to her hubby and bring forth offspring to raise at place while your hubby is conveying home the bacon. so to talk. Toula was born into a household where the adult females were to get married a nice Grecian male child. do Grecian babes.

and feed everybody until the twenty-four hours she dies. Ian on the other manus. his fate was to follow his male parent and gramps in the field of jurisprudence and go a attorney and nil more. The functions and outlooks of the two people were complete antonyms but were what each other needed. Toula longed for a normal American life and Ian craved a small daftness in his life. The relationship that formed was one of a companionate matrimony in which both were peers in the matrimony.

both working and to the full perpetrating the same to the relationship.However. in their relationship they did traditional things. like the adult male is the 1 who pursued the adult female and the adult male asks for the father’s permission to date/marry the adult female. When looking at Gus and Maria. Toula’s parents.

we can vividly see that a traditional matrimony exists. where the adult female stays at place and raises the kids. every bit good as cooks and cleans. while the hubby is the one delivery in the money to back up the household and is the caput of the house.

The interesting analogy here the author Nia Vardalos brings up in a line in the film is that “The adult male is the caput but the adult female is the cervix and she can turn the caput any manner she wants ; ” ( Maria ) Stating that in any type of matrimony. whether companionate or traditional. and the functions of work forces and adult female are defined it is the adult female who is the driver behind the relationship.A 3rd facet of matrimony My Big Fat Greek Wedding shows is that a matrimony takes work.

From twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours both people in the relationship must be willing to set an attempt into the relationship to do it prosper and last. Toula and Ian’s relationship was one that took a batch of work from the beginning. Being of an interfaith relationship these two had to set forth excess attempt to do it work and recognize that love means doing via medias. As was the instance for Ian. in which he made many via medias and even forfeits to be with Toula.

Ian made the ultimate via media by acquiring married in Toula’s Greek Orthodox Church and holding to acquire baptized prior to the nuptials. Ian realized that being with the adult female that he loves is more of import to him than anything else and so he did merely about whatever it took to be with her.Toula made the ultimate forfeit from her terminal by withstanding her parents and traditions by being with the adult male of her dreams. A chief portion of their relationship that allowed for it to thrive and last was the communicating that took topographic point between them.

As a twosome it is of import to recognize that your spouse may non cognize what you are believing and it is your occupation to allow him or her know what and how you are experiencing. When you genuinely love person. as Toula and Ian did. working on your relationship shows that you truly love your spouse that they are worth the work.In the terminal we can see that My Big Fat Greek Wedding is demoing us that matrimony is non an easy undertaking. but when it works it is the best.

When come ining into a relationship for the long term. matrimony. it is of import to retrieve the truths from Nia Vardalos’s narrative in which household is a portion of matrimony whether you intended it to be or non. It is besides important to retrieve that work forces and adult females frequently have perceived responsibilities and functions in life that can non be ignored but alternatively needs to be worked out in the relationship. Last and the most critical message of all that the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding is seeking to state is that we all must come to footings with the fact that a matrimony takes work.

If we want our relationships to work and last we have to set an attempt forward to demo our spouse that they are deserving it.

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