Web Programming Midterm

Which tag does not require a closing tag?
Choose the organization listed below that takes a proactive role in developing recommendations and prototype technologies related to the Web
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
A language using a text-based syntax intended to extend the power of HTML by separating data from presentation is called ________.
What tag pair is used to create the largest heading?
Which of the following tags should NOT be located in the head section?
Select the main reason for the initial development of the World Wide Web from the list below
To allow communication between researchers and links between research papers
Choose the preferred tag pair to use when displaying important text in bold font.
What tag pair contains the items in an ordered or unordered list?
Select the item below that lists the top level domain name for the URL http://www.yahoo.com.
What type of HTML list will automatically place a bullet point indicator in front of each item?
unordered list
A ____ is a type of ____.
Choose the preferred tag pair to use when emphasizing text.
The first widely used graphical web browser was developed at:
Choose the special character that is used to indicate a blank space.
Which of the following attributes would configure an ordered list to display uppercase letters?
Select the function of an e-mail link from the choices below.
launch the default e-mail application for the visitor’s browser with your e-mail address as the recipient
What type of HTML list would be good to use to display a list of terms and their definitions?
definition list
A domain name is a unique text-based Internet address corresponding to a unique ________.
IP Address
Choose the best-designed link from below
Important News
________ combines the formatting strengths of HTML 4.0 and the data structure and extensibility strengths of XML.
Choose the tag pairs that are used in a description list (previously called definition list).
all of these
Which tag is used to force the browser to display the next text or element on a new line?
What tag pair is used to create a new paragraph?
To apply a style to a certain group of elements on a web page, configure a CSS ________.
Select the code below that uses CSS to configure a id named “footer” that configures small, italic text.
#footer { font-size: small; font-style: italic;}
Use the ________ tag to code embedded styles on a web page
Which CSS property can be used to configure italic text?
Use the ________ property to configure bold text using CSS
Use the ________ tag to configure a section of a web page that is physically separated from others.
Select the code below that uses CSS to configure a background color of #eaeaea for a web page.
body {background-color:#eaeaea; }
An External Style Sheet uses the ________ file extension.
Which CSS property configures the color of text?
Select the code below that uses CSS to configure a class called “offer” with blue text that uses the Arial or sans-serif font typeface.
.offer { color:blue; font-family:Arial,sans-serif;}
Use the ________ tag to associate a web page with an External Style Sheet.
Cascading Style Sheet rules are comprised of:
Selectors and Declarations
Use the ________ tag to configure a generic area on a web page that is embedded within a paragraph or other block display element.
To associate an external style sheet with a web page, code:
a link element in the head section of the web page
The Web Safe Color Palette is a collection of 216 colors that
display the most similar on both the Mac and PC platforms
Choose the attribute used to provide accessibility by configuring a text alternative that is available to browsers and other user agents that do not support graphics.
Select the code below that configures a background image to repeat horizontally across a web page
background-repeat: repeat-x;
A type of graphic that is best-suited to photographs is
Use the ________ property to configure rounded corners with CSS.
The CSS3 ________ property configures the transparency of an element.
Use the ________ property to configure multiple backgrounds on an element.
The browser prefix webkit in a CSS property indicates that it is likely to be recognized by which of the following browsers?
A ________ is a smooth blending of shades from one color to another
Select the code below that will configure a background image called parchment.gif for a web page using CSS.
body {background-image:url(parchment.gif); }
Use the ________ attribute to display an image to the right of a block of text.
When a web page uses graphics for the main navigation links, provide accessibility by:
both using alt attributes and providing text links on the bottom of the page
Choose the recommended method(s) to obtain graphics for your web site.
both Purchase a CD of graphics and Use a graphics application and create your own
The ________ property configures a shadow effect on the text displayed within an element.
A(n) ________ is an image that is configured so that parts of the image can be used as one or more hyperlinks.
image map
A smaller version of a larger image that usually links to the larger image is called a:
thumbnail image
The HTML5 ________ element visually displays a bar that depicts a numeric value within a specified range.
Choose the item below that is not an HTML5 element.
________ flow displays the elements on the page in the order they appear in the web page source code.
If an element is configured with ________ the other content on the page will appear to its left.
Choose the HTML5 element below that is used to configure an area on a web page that can stand on its own and could potentially be syndicated.
The default value for the border property for an element is:
0 pixels
The ________ is the area between the content and the border.
From the choices below select the correct order to code CSS pseudo-classes.
link, visited, hover, active
The ________ HTML5 element is used to configure the top logo area on a web page.
The ________ pseudo-class configures the appearance of the hyperlink before it is clicked.
Use the ________ or ________ property to clear a float.
clear, overflow
Use the ________ property in the HTML link tag to to associate a web page with a style sheet for printing.
How would you link to the named fragment #school on the page resume.html from the home page of the site?
Educational Background
What is the purpose of the :content pseudo-element?
to generate content that is added to the web page document
What is the term used to describe image file that contains multiple small graphics?
Select a recommendation for mobile web design from the choices listed below.
Use percentage or em units for font sizes
________ will cause an object not to display.
display: none;
The ________ attribute indicates if a style sheet configures for screen display or the printed page.
Select a recommendation for mobile web design from the choices listed below.
Use a single column page layout
How would you define a fragment identifier at the top of a page, called “top”?
A ________ determines the capability of the mobile device, such as screen resolution, and directs browsers to CSS.
media query
Components of responsive web design include:
fluid layout, flexible images, media queries
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