Weather Test Study Guide

Where do clouds form when water molecules condense and stick to dust, polution pr smoke partcles.

Hail forms in what type cloud?

The current caused by warm air/liquid rising and cool air/liquid sinking.

Weather pattern in the Unites States which is affected by a global wind pattern which causes weather patterns to move form west to east.

Air mass
Large body of air that has the same properties of surface under it.

Where do continental air masses form over?

Where do maritime air masses form over?

The place where air masses come together.

The movement of air due to differences in air pressure.

The amount of air moisture in the air.

Cold Front
Corl air pushing up warm air;brings stormy, rainy weather

Warm front
Warm air mass moves the cold air out of the area

Stationart Front
Warm air mass and cold air mass meet and neither moves;causes stratus clouds and steady drizzle.

Sea breeze
Blows from the ocean toward the land during the day becaus ethe land warms faster than the ocean, these cool the area near the ocean.

Average weather conditions in the area for a long period of time.

Polar clinate
Cold to freezing climate near the poles

Tropical climate
Warm to hot climate near the equator

Most powerful storm that form over tropical water.

Storm that forms over land,

Long periods of unusually low precipitation;causes wells to dry up.

H- high pressure
Brings dry weather and clear skies

L- low pressure
Brings clouds and rainy weather

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