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WBTS-Elliot Ortiz
One of the main characters; he struggles with PTSD and a leg injury from fighting in Iraq; also wrestling with the death of his aunt/adoptive aunt
WBTS:Odessa Ortiz
AKA-Haikumom; online “mom” to recovering addicts; ex-addict and abusive mother; computer is sold to cover funeral costs, turns back to drugs
WBTS: Yazmin Ortiz
Elliot’s cousin, adjunct music prof. and works to keep the family together
WBTS: Fountainhead
AKA: John; white; computer programmer and entrepreneur; newbie to forum; crackhead
WBTS: Chutes&Ladders
AKA: Clayton “Buddy” Wilkie; African American; lives in SD with the IRS, 56; visits Orangutan in Japan
WBTS: Orangutan
AKA: Madeleine Mays and Yoshiko Sakai; Japanese; 31; currently touring Japan
WBTS: Ghost
Haunts Elliot speaking in Arabic about a passport
WBTS: Scene 1 and 2
We find out that Elliot’s mom has cancer and Yaz is newly divorced. Elliot meets with the Professor, and asks him to help translate an Arabic phrase. We find out that Elliot was in the Marines, but was discharged for a leg injury. The professor asks if he will help work on a film about Marines in Iraq, which Elliot turns down. The phrase-“Can I have my passport back?”
In a chat room, Haikumom and Chutes&Ladders welcome Orangutan back online (left the chat room for months, moved to Japan). Chutes&Ladders reflects how almost drowning prompted him to attend NA
WBTS: Scene 3 and 4
As Elliot works at the sandwich shop, Coltrane plays in the background. The music turns dark, and the ghost appears. In her lecture, Yaz discusses dissonance with her students. They both receive emergency texts and talk on the phone. Elliot’s mom is in the hospital and on a breathing machine.
In the chat room, Fountainhead introduces himself to the scene. He eloquently gives his background and describes his family and addiction. The others on the site think he is faking his addiction. They suggest that he doesn’t belong, because his addiction is mild. Though Haikumom tries to curb their comments, Fountainhead logs off without another word.
WVTS: Scene 5 and 6
Yaz and Elliot discuss funeral plans for his mom. They look over brochures for flower arrangements, and decide on a tropical one which costs much more. They argue over who will give the sermon and Yaz requests that William not be invited to the funeral, but that she get to spread the ashes in Puerto Rico with Elliot. They tease about the family, how Yaz was the “scholarship case” of the family
In the chat room, Orangutan and C&L talk about themselves. Orangutan suggests that C&L fly out to Japan to meet her. She presents him the opportunity to have a “fairy tale” relationship. She explains that she craves the challenge of having someone who actually cares for her. Haikumom logs on and scolds C&L for not recognizing Orangutan’s invite as a desire for friendship; Fountainhead logs back in and C&L pushes him to admitting to everyone that he is a unemployed crackhead; Haikumom gives him a warm welcome
Elliot is boxing, haunted by the ghost again
WBTS: Scene 7 and 8
Odessa and John sit in a diner and make small talk. Odessa tells him about her sister, but hurries onto talking about getting John into recovery. As she starts to ask him questions about his addiction, he gets defensive and gets up to leave. She makes him sit back down. Elliot and Yaz arrive and Odessa blows them off. When they ask for money, she gets mad that she wasn’t involved in funeral preparations. As they fight, John pulls out a wad of cash and offers it to Elliot and Yaz, who refuse. Elliot tells the story of how Odessa failed to take care of her kids when they had the flu, because she left to get drugs and his sister died. Odessa gives them a key to her house and tells them to pawn her computer.
Orangutan and C&L chat. C&L is on the phone, attempting to call his son. He keeps calling and hanging up. When Elliot and Yaz got o retrieve Odessa’a computer, Elliot begins typing in her account. Orangutan catches on that it’s Elliot, and asks him about his pill addiction.
WBTS: Scene 9 and 10
Orangutan and C&L chat online. Orangutan reveals that she is headed to the address of her birth parents, and C&L tries to dissuade her. She pushes back and tells him to try to challenge himself. C&L tells about visiting his son, who told the kids that he was just a lost, old man. They continue fighting, and Orangutan declares that she’s done with the site, logging off.
Elliot and Yaz cooperatively give Ginny’s eulogy. At the same time, Odessa is sitting on the floor of her house, pouring water by the spoonful on the floor. Orangutan is waiting on the train platform, but misses her train.
WBTS: Scene 11-13
C&L sells his car.
Elliot and Yaz arrive at Odessa’s to find her OD’d. Orangutan is waken up off the train platform. Yaz sees a white light and insists that Elliot forgive Odessa.
In the chat room, Orangutan admits she didn’t meet her parents. C&L has a plane ticket to Tokyo. Fountainhead logs on, on behalf of Odessa. Explains that she’s in the hospital because of cardiac arrest. He promises to care for Odessa, and then tells his wife to check his chat history. Yaz logs into the chat room.
WBTS: Scene 14-15
Yaz writes her first message to the chat room as the interim site manager. Elliot chastises her, but she insists that she is the only person who hasn’t done anything. The ghost visits Elliot again, wrestling with him for his wallet. Elliot pours a bottle of pills into his hand.
John is helping Odessa bathe. C&L meets Orangutan at the airport for the first time- “the land of the living”. In PR, they get a text that Ginny’s house was sold. Yaz reveals that she has bought that house and plans on moving back to el barrio. Elliot decides he is leaving Philly. They throw GInny’s ashes.
WBTS: Author and year
Quiara Alegria Hudes; 2012
Antonia Dominguez Miguela- “Puerto Rican Literature”
National identity is split between the island and mainland. Balance between Puerto Rican traditions and entering American mainstream. Spanglish=unity for a community. Themes: need for new home, identity, lack of understanding by society
Stuart Miller- “A Sort of Homecoming”
Hudes-Jewish and Puerto Rican
Blends grit and ritual
Based on Hudes’ family in Philly; Elliot named after her cousin
Collaborated with cousin for accuracy
Writes as it comes; learned that her characters were in love as they were as she was writing
Leigh Huggins- “Water by the Spoonful: A Dramaturgical Dossier”
Contrast between biological family and families we create
Creating/reclaiming roots
Water-motherhood, redemption, rebirth
John/Odessa- washing of sins; image of Pieta
Isolation and dissonance mirrored in setting
Debilitating effect of war and addiction
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