Volume 1 2S051 CDC

(001)Material management specialists are not responsible for
Preforming material management systems control functions
(002)To be eligible for the Air Force wholesale logistics program, applicants must have less than how many years time-in-service?
(003)Which Expeditionary Logistics 21st Century(eLog21) effect logistics decisions are made and actions are taken with an understanding of their impact across the entire Air Force?
Effect One: Enterprise view
(003)In support of the Expeditionary Logistics 21st Century(eLog21) intergrated processes, which is not a resource?
(004)What organization has responsiblility for cradle-to-grave management of every Air Force weapon system?
Air Force Material Command(AFMC)
(004)Which source of supply manages and purchases common consumable items used by all of the military services and some of the civilan agencies?
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
(005)Which Class of supply includes weapons?
II (2)
(005)Which class of supply consists of ammunition?
(006)What Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) flight provides logistics readiness deployment training for all installation personnel to carry out deployment tasks?
(006)Which division is responsible for supply information systems management,procedures,stock fund management,contingency planning, operational analysis, and records maintenance?
Management and systems
(007)Which process is not one of the four supply major processes in the Standard Base Supply Systems(SBSS)?
(007)Which maintanance process updates various basic and support records, such as item records,routing identifier records, and warehouse locations?
Miscellaneous file maintenance
(007)How many diffrent types of reports can be processed through the material management computer systems?
(008)What Air Force manual governs the US Air Force material management system?
(008)How often is AFMAN 23-110, USAF Manual published?
(008)What is the largest subdivision of AFMAN 23-110,USAF Manual?
(008)How are hyperlinks identified in AFMAN 23-110, USAF Manual?
Blue text
(008)How would the document file name for Volume 2, Part 2, Chapter 3 be identified in a search of AFMAN 23-110, USAF Manual?
(009)What releving flag is used on a requirements computation inquiry in the Standard Base Supply System (SBSS) to provide a summary of information about a given stock number?
(010)Users can query the material management computer consolidated transaction history (CTH) records as far back as
1 year or more
(010)Under the consolidated transaction history (CTH) system, which type of inquiry allows you to select records using the stock number and transaction date?
Stock number
(010)Under the consolidated transaction history (CTH) system, which dispays a list of abbreviated histories on your terminal screen or in print?
Abbreviated format (Option A)
(011)The TRACE inquiry determines what a specified
transaction was doing at the time the system error occured
(011)The database key in a TRACE inquiry consists of the area name and the
(012)Within how many workdays should all Standard Base Supply System (SBSS) rejects normally be processed?
(012)Which term indicates that any update the Standard Base Supply Systems (SBSS) application program may have made since starting,or since it executed its last FREE DMR command, will be undone?
Rollback (RB) code
(013)Who review part 8 of the D20, Base Surveillance Report, Daily Security Violation List?
Management and systems officer
(014)Production scheduling of all material management computer system reports and listings must be supported by a specific requirement in AFMAN 23-110, USAF Manual, an AF Form 2011, Base Supply ADPE Work Request, or
an approved supplement
(014)Which functional area is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of all management reports and listings?
Computer operations
(015)Who establishes a supply management activity group?
(015)The Air Force supply management activity group is divided into how many divisions?
(016)How frquently should you schedule a surveillance visit?
(017)When the Standard Base Supply System computer does not process or update transactions as it should, what form is used to report the problem to Headquarters, Operations Sustainment Systems Group?
AF Form 1815
(018)Who determines the priorty of projects to be performed by the material management analysis element?
Accountable Officer
(019)What transaction exception is used to identify a degraded operations shipment or nondirected transfer to the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office?
(020)How often does document control perform a revalidation of those people who are authorized to receipt for classified property?
(020)What type of material management source documents are not placed in a permanet document file?
Source documents with file indicator D
(021)What material managment register is prepared from transaction histories that are stored and merged on magnetic tapes?
Consolidated Transaction (M19)
(022)All shipments and transfers processed through the Logistics Readiness Squadron produce what type of detail?
Shipment-suspense or shipped-not-credited (SNC)
(022)What listing is used to manage deliquent shipment suspense details?
(023)Which transaction is authorized reverse-post action?
A funding error in which the unit price change variance is 500% or greater
(023)What is the transaction identification code for an automated reverse-post transaction?
What information is required to make an automated reverse-post input?
Transaction serial number, TTPC, and date

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