Virgin Cosmetic Company

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The understanding of global talent management can be enhanced by a well understanding of the Agency Theory. According to the theory a duty is delegated by one party to another. The delegating body is the agent while the body to who the duty is delegated is the agent which is responsible to act on the duty. The desires or goals of the principal may conflict on one hand and on the other the principal may incur cost and have difficulties to verify what the agent is doing. In case of failure along the line, the principal and the agent are supposed to share the risks.

The theory aims to resolve the difference between the different actions because of the different risk preferences. (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/principal-agentproblem). Leadership Leadership at virgin cosmetic company has been formulated to cope with adaptability across the globe and to enhance the potential talents to be global minded. The leadership aims and objective at the company aims to achieve team works across boundaries while offering the participation of both genders to reap the benefits of diversity inherent in genders.

The managerial staffs at the company are cultural experienced and their worldwide input is genuine

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towards the value, mission, standards and attributes of the company. The leadership is a good model for global competency of the employees who consistently perform well in the global level both in attributes and standards. This in turn serves as an automatic motivation facility, a guide of good behaviour, proper alignment in the workplace and a good performance while in the job The local cultural norms of the company is the basis for assessing the companies leadership, its adaptability and global mindedness (Esen 2004).

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