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Invented the telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
Head of the Tammy Hall Machine
William Tweed
Founder of Standard Oil
Author of A Century of Dishonor
Helen Hunt Jackson
Candidate who gave the “Cross of Gold” speech
William Jennings
Discoverer of the Cornstock Lode silver Deposit
John Mackey
President nicknames for “His Fraudulence”
Rutherford B Haze
Leader of the March of unemployed workers on the Capitol in 1894
Jacob Coxey
City which the Rockefeller’s “empire” was based
The Chivington Massacre
happened in Colorado on 11 29, 1864. one of the soldiers had a feud with some Indians on CO. so the soldiers retaliated by making a bigger deal than what it is, and massacring innocent civilians. This is a big deal because when the people back east find out, some people get very upset and start to question why they have the right to butcher Indians if blacks are free.
Sioux War of 1865-1867
Chief Red Cloud, led his people until the Americans put their tribe on the Dakota Territory and forced them out
The Sioux War of 1875-1877
This was during the Black Hills Gold Rush in the Dakota Territory. gold was discovered so Americans wanted to kick the Sioux out. The Sioux fought for their land until they were forced out.
June 25, 1876 The Battle of Little Big Horn
Montana, the Sioux fought back and this was the Sioux’s triumph where they beat and killed 265 American troops
Chief Joseph
He lead the Nez Perce. 1300 mile chase in Oregon and Indiana in a wild chase while the united states military soldiers chased him around. This was until they caught him and
Wounded Knee Massacre
South Dakota. happened in South Dakota when United States Army Soldiers witness some off behavior from the local Indian tribes there. This odd behavior happened to be a religious ceremony of worship, but the officers mistook this for a conspiracy to revolt against the United States Army. Then this results in a full-scale massacre, of hundreds for innocent Indians.
Helen Hunt Jackson
was one of the first people to speak out about the treatment of Indian tribes. She wrote the first book documenting what was happening along with her views on the matter.
Dowes Severalty Act
1887. was the act in which it separated pieces of Indian land and gave it to individuals. This was the United States way of trying to assimilate the Indians to American culture. Many Indians did not like this, because no single people owned land in their tribes but rather the land was owned as a collective.
Homestead Acts of 1862
was when the United States separated pieces of tribal land and gave it away to give to American citizens. This was a horrible ordeal which Indians were forced to sell their land to the government for next to nothing. But it was also the first time open land was just being offered for free. This was a great opportunity for American families to have their own land and farm.
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