Unit Exam 1 (Chp. 1-4)

A key objective in maintaining guest satisfaction is:
Encouraging guest loyalty
The executive committee is made up of directors from the various divisions within the hotel & typically meets weekly to discuss many topics such as guest satisfaction, employee satisfaction, training, &:
Occupancy forecasts
All of these are considered trends in the hospitality industry:
-Health, safety, & security
-Increased usage of social media & mobile devices
OSHA stands for __________.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
The Summary Operating Statement (SOS) details ______ & ______ for a period.
Revenues ; expenses
A successful TQM process is a _______________ process that must have active commitment from all employees in order to be successful.
top-down, bottom-up
All of these departments report to the F&B Director:
-Culinary (Kitchen)/Stewarding
-Restaurant/Room Service
NOT Gift Shops
The primary difference between franchise ownership & management contacts is:
A franchisee receives several benefits including a centralized reservation system, national advertising, & specific plans to follow when building, while a hotel management contract is a partnership between developers & owners who do not want to be involved in day-to-day operations
The Average Daily Rate (ADR) is calculated by this formula & is one of the key operating ratios:
Rooms Revenue/Rooms Sold
The word “hospitality” comes from “hospice”, an old French word meaning:
To provide care/shelter for travelers
For meetings, a variety of setups are available, which include:
NOT Convention-style
People who are paid to use the bar like regular guests, except they are closely watching the operation, are known as:
_________ is used to maximize room revenue at a hotel.
Revenue management
Yield management practices were designed to maximize revenue based on fluctuating demand. The practice of yield management originated in the _____ industry.
Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) is also known as:
Bed tax
All are elements of a comprehensive security plan:
-Security officers
-Identification procedures
NOT Luggage scanning stations
__________ focuses on error detection ; __________ focuses on error prevention.
Quality Control ; Total Quality Management
A comprehensive security plan includes:
-Safety procedures
-Identification procedures
NOT Hazardous waste reduction procedures
3 main functions of the front office:
-To offer services such as handling mail, messages, & providing info. about the hotel & local events
-To sell rooms
-To maintain balanced guest accounts
NOT to maintain guest room cleanliness
The term “banquet” & “catering” are often used interchangeably; however, there is a difference. Banquets are ______________ & catering is _______________.
groups of people eating together at one time & place ; a variety of occasions when people may eat at varying times
Airport hotels include the following types of properties:
NOT Timeshare
The National Restaurant Association offers a responsible alcohol beverage training program known as:
ServSafe Alcohol
The food cost percentage is determined by this formula:
Cost of food / Food Sales
A vacation club system of ownership allows owners to do all of the following:
-Purchase full furnished vacation accommodations for specific intervals.
-Not to be surprised by hidden costs associated w/ a vacation because the fees are determined in advance.
-Share the use & upkeep costs of their property & common space.
NOT use the property at any time during the year w/ no advanced notice.
In order to be successful, a GM needs to have a broad range of personal qualities. Including:
-Attention to detail
NOT micromanaging
The path to becoming a food & beverage director take many years & should include time spent in the kitchen, stewarding, restaurants, purchasing, & beverage. After experience is gained in each of these departments, it is recommended that experience be gained as a department manager at:
A different hotel than where the original training occurred
The service provided by the hospitality industry is considered intangible, which means:
the guest cannot try the product before they buy the product
Sustainability is:
The ability to achieve ongoing economic prosperity while protecting natural resources
The cost of lighting a facility can be as much as 30-40% of the total electricity consumption of a facility. One way to reduce this cost would be to:
Employ motion detectors to use lighting only when necessary
Restaurants within hotels have become more interactive, with chefs focusing on using sustainable, organic, or local ingredients. Additional culinary trends include:
-Small plate
NOT low carb
The 1st documented ordinary, built in Boston in approx. 1663, was called:
Cole’s Ordinary
The goal of the reservation department is to sell all of the hotel rooms for the maximum possible price while:
Avoiding guest resentment at being overcharged
Corporate philosophy has strong links to quality leadership & ________.
Total Quality Management (TQM)
The following positions report to the Executive Chef:
-Sous chef
NOT Catering Manager
A four diamond hotel would exhibit the following properties:
Excellent roadside appeal & service levels that anticipate the guests’ needs before they ask.
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