Unit 7 Test Review World History

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Causes of WWI
Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism, Assasination
Describe Trench Warfare
Type of combat in which opposing troops fight from dug out trenches facing each other. Not much ground covered.
List 3 new weapons that lead to a stalemate on the Western Front
-Machine Guns
What year was the Treaty of Versailles created
What new states/territories did the Treaty create?
Finland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia
Define reparations
making amends for a wrong doing
Define the War Guilt Clause
opening article of the Treaty of Versailles, made Germany pay reparations for WWI
What was the main goal of the League of Nations
Maintaining world peace
Who were the Bolsheviks? What type of government did they implement?
Russian Social Democratic Party which was renamed the Communist Party. Employed Communism
overproduction of consumer goods, over speculation in the stock market, inadequate safeguards for banking all lead to what event in the 1930’s
Great Depression
Define overproduction
excess of production over consumption
What is over-speculation of the stock market?
thinking the stocks you invest in are worth more than they actually are
What was the goal of FDR’s \”New Deal\”?
the New Deal were laws hoping to provide \”Relief, Recovery, and Reform\” from WWI
What are four main characteristics of Fascism?
Nationalism, militarism, totalitarianism, dictatorship
Who was Winston Churchill? What country did he lead?
Winston Churchill was the prime minister of Great Britain form 1940-45 and 1951-55
How did totalitarian states respond to opposing parties?
they killed off anyone who opposed the new party
What was the Gulag?
Forced-Labor camps
What country bombed Pearl Harbor and why?
Japan because they feared U.S battleships
Why did Japan become imperialist in the 1930’s?
They became imperialist because they needed raw materials, so they invaded Asia
How many people in total were killed during the Holocaust. Provide at least 3 groups of people.
11 million Jews, Gypsies, and Homosexuals were killed
How was the Panama Canal useful to the US during WWII
The Panama Canal was useful in WWII because it allowed U.S naval bases to be stationed somewhat close to Japan, allowed shipments of supplies to easily get to Japan and Asia quickly.
After WWII, what country was divided into 3 parts?
What country withdrew from WWI due to a civil war?
How did Hitler lead Germany out of the Great Depression?
Hitler invaded France, built up an army.

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