Unit 4 – Chapter 23 – Writing Fundamentals ll – Paragraphs

A good technical paragraph will contain approximately

a) two to four sentences
b) four to seven sentences
c) seven to twelve sentences
d) twelve to fifteen sentences
e) fifteen to twenty sentences


Customarily, all good paragraphs have a

a) clincher sentence
b) key sentence
c) spatial opening
d) introductory paragraph
e) summary sentence


When key information is placed at the beginning of a
paragraph the reader may

a) glean all possible information from the first sentence
b) be required to read all remaining sentences
c) read more efficiently
d) ignore the information contained in the paragraph
e) not have to make decisions about what is important


A paragraph development pattern which may be illustrated by a
diamond shape will have

a) a large number of sentences
b) spatial content
c) a chronological development pattern
d) cellular content
e) a clincher sentence


When paragraph sentences all relate to the same key idea we
say the paragraph has

a) coherence
b) unity
c) configuration
d) parallel structure
e) repetition


If paragraph ideas are arranged in a logical, orderly
sequence, the paragraph will be

a) coherent
b) spatial
c) undeveloped
d) parallel in structure
e) transitional


Words used to improve the coherence of a paragraph are

a) adjectives
b) repetitives
c) conjunctives
d) transitions
e) prepositions


Of the four methods used to achieve paragraph coherence, the
most complex is the use of

a) transitional expressions
b) pronouns
c) repetition
d) comparison and contrast
e) parallel structure


The five W’s and H used in an introductory paragraph answer
what is commonly called

a) the journalistic questions
b) paragraph development
c) paragraph conclusion
d) paragraph chronology
e) article purpose


The scope, origin and purpose of a report should be covered

a) in the opening paragraph conclusion
b) in an opening “reference”
c) within the opening paragraph
d) by a summary
e) by a preface


One difference between an essay and a technical report is

a) very few readers will read the complete report
b) essays tend to have a greater variety of readers
c) authoring a report is easier than authoring an essay
d) the essay has much more specific detail
e) a report is of greater length


An acronym used in paragraph development is



The five methods of paragraph development are

a) spatial, comparison, process, reasons, and chronological
b) contrast, examples, process, comparison, and reasons
c) process, reasons & examples, contrast & comparison,
spatial, and chronological
d) renns, reasons, process, comparison, and contrast
e) deductive, inductive, process, introductory, and spatial


Positioning of places or objects during paragraph development
is termed

a) spatial
b) reasons and examples
c) comparison
d) chronology
e) contrast


Paragraph development involving similarities and differences
between objects, people or ideas is

a) deductive
b) process
c) comparison and contrast
d) inductive
e) reasons and examples


When developing a paragraph using contrast and comparison,
the similarities and differences should be

a) at least five of each
b) at least two of each
c) at least three of each
d) not more than six of each
e) not more than four of each


When writing a paragraph on how to make or do something, the
development is called

a) constructive development
b) process development
c) instructive development
d) illustrative development
e) spatial development


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