Unit 3 Reactions

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Test for Mg(2+)
Add dilute ammonia, white precipitate formed
Test for ammonia
Turns red litmus blue
Test for Chlorine
Rapidly bleaches litmus paper
Test for Nitrogen dioxode
Turns iodide paper black, brown gas
Test for Sulphur dioxide
Turns filter paper soaked in K2Cr2O7 orange to green
Test for CO3(2-)
Add acid, test for carbon dioxode present
Test for HCO3(-)
Add to near boiling water, test for carbon dioxide
Test for SO4(2-)
Add BaCl2 and dil. HCl, warm and white ppt. of BaSO4 formed
Test for HSO4(-)
Turns blue litmus red. Test for SO4
Test for SO3(2-)
Add dil HCl and warm, turns K2Cr2O7 from orange to green
Test for NO3(-)
Add Al powder and NaOH. NH3 given off
Test for ammonium ions
Add NaOH, warm, NH3 given off
Test for inorganic halide
Add silver nitrate and nitric acid
Test for organic halide
Warm with NaOH, add silver nitrate and nitric acid
Group one salts are…
Ammonium salts are…
Nitrates are…
Halides are… apart from…
Sulphites are… apart from
Soluble/Ba, Sr, Pb
All Carbonates are… apart from
insoluble/Group 1
All hydroxides are…
Insoluble apart from group 1, Ba, NH4

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