Understanding the Messages of the film The Secret Life of Bees

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Situated in South Carolina in the year 1964, the movie “The Secret Life of Bees” is a motion picture that is released in 2008, which tells about the story of Lily Owens, a 14 year-old girl who is disturbed and badly affected by the memory of the tragic death of her mother. The story evolves around the struggles of Lily in escaping her tragic experiences in the death of her mother as well as the desire to get-away from her lonely life and troubled relationship with her father.

In her search for a new life and new beginnings, Lily has located herself and the happiness she has ever wished for, after the tragic death of her mother, in the custody of “Boatwright Sister” which later revealed as her new family and companion for a new beginnings (The Secret Life of Bees). The movie is a perfect exemplar of a story which tells about the struggle of the family that is broken by a freak accident and the desire of a child who has having trouble to seek a new life after the terrible incidents that have happened in their family.

In addition to this, the movie also tells about the essence and importance

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of family, and highlights the role of a mother in the life of an individual, more especially among those who seeks and needs the guidance in life that has been challenged. Thus, the movie has done well in depicting the significance of family, despite of the lack of direct relation by blood, in the life of a person which life has been ruined by the tragic incidents and sad realities as seen in the case of Lily wherein his father, as the only one left for her, has seen to failed her in providing the accurate amount of care and love that she needs.

In the end, the movie is indeed accurate and worthy through their messages as well as through the moral lessons that have been provided in the story. From a personal point of view, the messages that have been depicted in the movie are precise wherein the family is indeed significant in the life of an individual, more especially in the case of Lily which she has been through tragic experiences in the past. Likewise, the portrayal in the role of Mother in the movie is also seen essential and noteworthy that it serves as a light in the mid of a dark tunnel as equal in the hardest stages in life.

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