understanding business chapter 4

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Standard of moral behavior that is accepted by society as right rather wrong
who report as illega or unethics behavior that feel protect from retaliation.
Investor, enviromentlist, union office, and customer
Compliance – base. ethic- codes
Ethical standard that emphasize pretening unlawful behavior by increasing control and penalizing wrongdoer.
integrity based . ethic code
define organizer ‘s value , creat an enviroment that support ethically sound behavior , and tress share accountability.
Corporate social responsibility
business’s concern about welfare of society
corporate philanthropy
dimension social ‘s responsibility that include charitible donation
corporate social initiative
More enhance of philanthropy; relate to company competencies.
corporate responsibility
Everything hiring minority workers to making safety product, minimizing pollution, using enery wisely, and make envoromet safe.
corporate policy
position of the firm takes on sicila and issue political
insider trading
private compeany info is used by insiders for their futher fortune
Social Audit
Sytematic evaluation of an organization ‘s process toward social responsible and responsive program
Six steps to follow:
Adopt, understanding, consider, set up ethics office , outsider must be inform and enforced

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