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At the conclusion of a class on factors that can lead to unionization among nurses, the instructor would recognize that further clarification is needed if a student included which of the following as one of the factors? a. Job stress c. Unsafe work environment b. Whistle-blowing d. Physical demands
ANS: B The instructor would recognize that further clarification is needed if a student responded that whistle-blowing was a factor that leads to unionization among nurses. Some reasons that contribute to nurses wanting to unionize are job stress, unsafe work environment, feeling powerless, the physical demands of the job, and the need to communicate concerns and/or complaints to management without fear of losing their jobs. Whistle-blowing is the act in which an individual discloses information regarding a violation of a law, rule, regulation, or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.
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For industrial workers in Gilded Age America: A.real wages fell due to rising prices B.a forty-hour work week was the standard C.government regulations provided a safe work environment D.working and living conditions remained precarious E.forging a work permit for children was seen as taboo
D.working and living conditions remained precarious
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ANS: D A safe work environment is imperative for the safety of both nurses and patients. Correcting this work environment issue promotes job satisfaction and good patient outcomes.
Which situation would be considered a workforce advocacy issue that is reportable to the state nurses association or the Center for American Nurses if it is not resolved at the local level? a. Nurses prefer to wear navy blue scrubs, but the institution requires burgundy scrubs, which interferes with autonomy. b. The cafeteria often serves fried vegetables rather than healthier baked vegetables, causing the potential for hyperlipidemia. c. The hospital pharmacy does not fill employee prescriptions upon receiving them; instead, they fill employee prescriptions after all inpatient prescriptions have been filled. d. The key needed to change the sharps container is locked in the supervisor’s office after 3 PM on weekdays and all day on weekends, which prevents changing of the container when needed and places nurses at risk for needlesticks.
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