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Know the Characteristics of the Classical Era
Some characteristics of the Classical Era was the development of states and empires, the emergence of interregional trade and communications networks, and the growing importance of belief systems and other cultural traditions in the bonding of states. Classical civilizations had patriarchal family structures, agricultural-based economies, complex governments, and an expanding trade base.
What civilization celebrated the \”Nowruz Celebration\”?
The Persian Civilization
Did Rome allow autonomy to conquered regions?
Due to Roman expansion, the issue came about what to do with the conquered peoples. Some of these people gained autonomy and Roman citizenship, whereas others did not. Instead, they became slaves and had to work for the Roman empire.
Th \”Peresepolis is part of what Classical Civilzation
The Persepolis is part of the Persian Empire. It was built as the capital during the Persian Wars with the Greeks.
Difference between Buddhism and Hinduism
Although both Hinduism and Buddhism emphasize the soul’s yearning for understandings on a higher plane of existence, Buddhism supported the notion that anyone could reach enlightenment, unlike the caste-system that was placed in Hinduism.
Difference between Christianity and Buddhism
The difference between Christianity and Buddhism was that Buddhists believed in following the eightfold path to reach nirvana, whereas Christians believed that there was only one god; and to reach heaven you must accept Christ as your saviour and follow him throughout your life.
Difference between Judaism and Christianity
Both Christianity and Judaism were two monotheistic religions. However, Judaism focused mainly on maintaining a covenant with god, whereas Christians believed that by accepting and following Christ as your savior during your life, one would be able to go to heaven.
Understand the diffusion of Buddhism
Buddhism diffused mainly because of King Ashoka converted to it and promoted its practice in his empire. The creation of the Silk Road also helped to diffuse this religion across the map.
Understand the term \”Greco-Roman Culture\”
The Greco-Roman culture was a culture that represented a mix of both Greek and Roman cultural values. With the help of Paul, Christianity was able to become a familiar aspect to Greco-Roman cultures.
The tenets of Confucianism
The tenets of Confucianism were the three basic ideas of Confucianism. These were that the philosopher is a transmitter of tradition, the doctrine of rectification of names, and the virtue of righteousness and human-heartedness.
Who was Ashoka?
Ashoka was a Mauryan Emperor during the Gupta Empire. He recoiled in the thoughts of all the deaths he caused and as a result converted to Buddhism.
What religion did Ashoka spread?
Ashoka was very influential in the diffusion of Buddhism.
The Polynesians, Bantus, and Indo-Europeans are all known for ______________________________
Large-Scale Migration Patterns
What must one do to reach Nirvana in Buddhism?
In order to reach Nirvana in Buddhism, one must follow the eight-fold path and get rid of all desire.
The Greek Approach to Science
The Greeks believed that philosophy and science greatly emphasized the use of logic.
Be able to compare the Bible and Confucian Analects
The Bible is a book of stories that is used to express morals and other lessons to the followers of Christianity. The Confucian analects expressed the need for order and a patriarchal structure in order to maintain that order.
Match the products
Porcelain came from China and its destination was ___________
Silk came from China and it’s destination was ___________
Pepper came from India and it’s destination was ___________
Horse came from Centra Asia and was sent to China
How does the Roman Empire differ from other classical civilizations?
The Roman empire differs from other classical civilizations because it was the first empire to implement the concept of a democracy, even though the only people that were allowed to vote were the males.
Which of the following most helps to explain why the collapse of political institutions was more devastating to the roman civilization than to Han China or Gupta India?
Insert Answer Here:
Importance of Lateen Sail
The Lateen Sail allowed sailors to have the Indian Ocean trade because the strong seasonal monsoon winds couldn’t be controlled.

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