U.S. History Chapter 8 Section 1

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1. What did Progressives have a strong faith in?
Science and Technology
2. Efficiency Progressives believed cities should be run by whom?
City Managers and commissioners
3. Why did Wisconsin become known as \”the laboratory of democracy\”?
Support for direct primaries
4. Why did Alice Paul’s strategy alarm many in the suffrage movement?
She used protest to force suffrage
5. In regards to business, what is the Socialist belief?
Government ownership of business
6. How can a company become more efficient through scientific management?
By breaking down tasks into small parts and using standardized tools.
7. What is a direct primary?
All party members vote for a candidate to run in the general election.
8. The Constitution originally specified that, in each state, U.S. Senators would be elected by whom?
The legislature of each state.
9. The tragedy at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company led to what?
Building codes requiring fire escapes.
10. Progressivism was partly a reaction against what kind of economics?
Laissez-Faire economics
11. What were crusading journalist who investigated social conditions and political corruption called?
12. What was a \”recall\”?
Government reform which allows
13. In Government, what is an \”initiative\”?
14. What is a \”Commission Plan\”?
15. What allowed proposed legislation to be submitted to the voters for approval?

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