Type of Reactions

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The five basic reaction types are
Synthesis, Combustion, Decomposition,Single replacement, double replacement
two or more reactants join together to form one single product
example 2Na+Cl2>2NaCl
one single reactant, compound produces two or more products
Combustion reactions
oxygen reacts with another substance often producing energy in the form of heat and light General form Cx hy(oz) +02> CO2+ H20
Single Replacement
Atoms of one element replace the atoms of another element that is part of a compound- in other words an element + a compound yields a new element + new compound general form: AX + B> BX + A OR AX +Y> AY + X A AND B ARE METALS OR HYDROGEN AND X,Y ARE NON METALS
Double Replacement
an exchange of cations (+ions) between two ionic compounds AB + CD> AD + CB
what is a precipitate
it is insoluble or slightly soluble in water. A solubility chart can help determine this

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