Tutorial 1 Vocab

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A ____ is a structure that allows devices known as nodes or hosts to be linked together to share information and services.
A _____ is a host that provides information or a service.
Print Server
A _____ is a network host that provides printing services to the network.
File Server
A _____ is a host that provides storage space for saving and retrieving files.
A _____ is a computer or other device that receives a service.
client-server network
A _____ is a network in which several clients access information provided by one or more servers.
local area network
A _____ is a network confined to a small geographic area, such as a building or apartment.
wide area network
A _____ is a network that covers a wider area, such as several buildings or cities. They typically consist of two more interconnected LANs.
The _____ is the largest WAN in existence, which incorporates an almost uncountable number of networks and hosts involving computers, mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, gaming systems, and television stations.
World wide web
The _____ is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet. The foundations were laid in 1989 by Timothy Berners-Lee, a Swedish nuclear researcher.
_____ is a method of organization in which data sources are interconnected through a series of links or hyper links that users can activate to jump from one piece of information to another.
Web Page
A _____ is a document on the world wide web. They are stored in web servers.
Web browser
A _____ retrieves the page from its web server and renders it on your computer or other device.
Hypertext Markup Language
_____ is the main markup language used to create web pages.
Markup Language
A _____ is a language that describes the content and structure of a document by identifying, or tagging, different elements in the document.
Standard Generalized Markup Language
_____ is the first popular markup language.
World wide web consortium
The _____ started out as a group of web designers and programmers that created a set of standards or specifications for all browser manufacturers to follow.
_____ to be phased out, as in earlier features of the HTML language.
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
_____ is a compact offshoot of SGML and is used to define new markup languages, known as XML vocabularies.
XML vocabularies
______ are new markup languages defined by XML.
Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
_____ Uses XML code along with the HTML programming language to develop webpages. Places restrictions on HTML so the code is cleaner. Not supported by all browsers
Web Hypertext Application technology working group (WHATWG)
A group of Web designers and browser manufacturers formed with the mission to develop a rival version to XHTML 2.0, called HTML5.
Style Sheet
A _____ is the place where the exact appearance of each page element is described.
Internal Style sheet
The _____ specifies the appearance of different HTML elements within a specific browser.
_____ represent distinct items in the Web page, such as a paragraph, the page heading, or even the entire body of the page itself.
_____ are used to mark elements within an HTML file.
two sided tag set
If an element contains text or another element, it is marked using a _____.
opening tag and closing tag
_____ and _____ are used in two-sided tag sets.
To be completely enclosed is to be _____.
Empty Element
An element that does not enclose content is called an _____. It is marked with a one sided tag.
_____ specify the use, behavior, and in some cases the appearance of an element.
White space
_____ are blank spaces, tabs, and line breaks.
html element
A _____ contains all of the other elements within an HTML file.
head element
A _____ contains general information about the document like the title, or a list of keywords that would aid search engines in directing traffic towards it.
body element
A _____ contains all of the content that appears in the rendered web page.
Document type Declaration
A _____ is used to indicate the type of markup language used in the document.
_____ are programs that examine document code to ensure that it meets all the syntax requirements of the specified language.
doctype switching
The process by which browsers use the presence or absence of a doctype to decide which mode they should use to render a document.
Standards Mode
_____ is the mode of rendering a web page in accordance with the language’s most current specifications.
Quirks mode
Mode in which the browser renders the Web page in accordance with practices followed in the 1990’s.
Structural Elements
_______ are the elements that define the major sections of a Web Page.
Div Element
The ___ element is used to identify different page divisions in HTML 4.01 and XHTML.
Grouping Elements
_____ elements are elements that contain content that is viewed as a distinct block within the Web Page.
Heading elements
_____ elements are grouping elements that contain the text of main headings on a web page. Used for new topics or for dividing the page into topical sections.
hgroup element
An HTML element used to group page headings.
Ordered Lists
_____ are used for items that follow some defined sequential order, such as lists ordered from smallest to greatest or from oldest to youngest.
Unordered list
A _____ is used to list items in a non specific order.
Description list
A _____ is a type of list which contains a list of terms, each followed by its description.
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
A style sheet that consists of code that defines formatting and layout settings of a Web page.
A _____ is an external program.
scripting language used to create interactive web
pages with scrolling text, interactive quizzes and forms.
text level element
A _____ is an element which marks content within a grouping element.
Character Set
A _____ consists of every character that a browser is capable of rendering. It is a collection of characters.
The most commonly used character set on the web, it is a compressed version of unicode and is probably the default character set assumed by your browser.
the universal coding scheme that assigns a unique number to each character in the written languages of the world
Character Encoding
_____ associates each symbol from a character set with a numeric value called the numeric character reference.

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