Truth has nothing to fear from investigation Essay Example
Truth has nothing to fear from investigation Essay Example

Truth has nothing to fear from investigation Essay Example

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  • Published: July 30, 2017
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Sing Pepperdine’s avowal statement: “Truth has nil to fear from probe. ” my head automatically – as in a flash of light – recalled a statement from the Bible which was uttered by the Apostle Paul in his missive to the Corinthians: “But we have renounced the concealed things of shame. non walking in craftiness nor managing the word of God dishonestly. but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s scruples in the sight of God” ( NKJV. 1982 ) . These words of the apostle have ever challenged my committedness for truth.

As a Christian. I know I have to populate my life in truth and honestness ; yet in the universe where most people settle for half truths. where the best truth a adult male could come up with in all his traffics is “almost truth.


” it is truly hard to keep truthfulness. To lie has become a portion of life. It is every bit easy as external respiration. When person would inquire another. “How are you. ” the ready reply was. “I’m mulct. ” though that might non be the existent and exact description of the person’s province of personal businesss. To province the truth presupposes the fact that issues have been considered carefully. Wordss are non to be taken lightly.

I am committed to truth since the rules that govern my scruples are scriptural truths. God’s Words are the absolute criterion for truth and it’s merely when an establishment. or pupils. or a individual. are committed and bound by the truths of the Bible can they be expected decently to act truthfully. During my clip at Pepperdine. I believe

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that because it is an establishment committed to Biblical religion. and therefore. to the highest criterions of excellence. my personal life will be enhanced.

Because truth is nonsubjective and must be continually pursued. this dedication to research and hold on to the terminal the kernel of the issues being investigated will convey us together to farther realisations of the true nature of things. Furthermore. because I believe that absolute truths can merely be found in the divine Scriptures. I promise to populate by its truths and weigh things harmonizing to its criterion of world. Since Pepperdine is committed to the geographic expedition of religion. it – above all else – must go through the truth trial because even the divine apostle ( Apostle Paul ) has commended himself to “every man’s scruples in the sight of God. ”

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