Truman vs Eisenhower

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appointed the first ever President’s Committee on Civil Rights
First president to address the NAACP
passed executive orders to desegregate the federal workforce and military after congress refused to pass laws to do so
Made the fair deal
created the UN
created the Marshall Plan
created the Truman Doctrine
created the department of Health, Education, and Welfare
Negotiated a truce in the Korean War
Atoms for Peace speech gave before the UN proposed the atomic knowledge be used for peace-not war
His administration created NASA and the Federal Aviation Administraton
The federal highway act of 1956 turned farmland to suburbia and contributed to American Car culture
The civil rights act of 1957 was the first civil rights legislation passed since Reconstruction
Brown v. Board of Education outlawed segregation in public schools
Who are the Dixiecrats
They were Southern Democrats formed the States’ Rights Party that opposed Truman’s emphasis on civil rights
Who did Truman defeat in reelection?
What years are the Atomic Age?
The fifties
Solution offered by the Truman administration and Congress for millions of veterans thrown out of work as they return to civilian life
Passed the GI Bill of Rights in 1944. This paid part of their tuition for education, gave them a year worth of unemployment benefits while job hunting, and offered low interest, federally guaranteed loans.
Solution offered by developers such as William Levitt for the severe housing shortage
Used efficient, assembly-line methods to mass produce houses. Built suburbs known as suburbia. Had Levittiowns which were mass produced homes
Solutions offered by Congress under the Truman and Eisenhower administrations for severe housing shortage
provided financial support for cities to clear out slums and build housing units for low-income families
Solution offered by the Truman administration and Congress for runaway inflation
Reestablished controls similar to the wartime controls on prices, wages, and rents
Solution offered by the Truman administration for labor strikes that threaten to cripple the nations
Truman threatened to draft the striking workers and to order them as soldiers to stay on the job. He authorized the federal gov. to seize the mines and he threatened to take controls of the railroads as well, so that they would be forced to work for them.
Solution offered during the Truman administration for discrimination and racial violence
Wanted an antilynching law, a ban on the poll tax as a voting requirements, a permanent civil rights commission, integration of the armed force, ordered an end to discrimination in the hiring of government employees.
Business expansion: conglomerates and franchises
offered economic advancement for people that would conform. Offered consumers more choices
Suburban expansion: flight from the cities
contributed to the popularity of the automobile. Lead to the decline of cities and downtowns. Created racial and economic divides between suburbans and city dwellers.
Population growth: the baby boom
Created the largest generation in the nation’s history. Discovered drugs to fight and prevent kids diseases. Lead to wide-spread overcrowding in schools and a teacher shortage. Lead to a boom for activities for youth
Dramatic increase in leisure time
People became more active. Participated in a wide variety of sports, or watched them on tv. Increase in sales of books and magazines
Dramatic increase in the use of the automobile
Started building roads and interstates. The trucking business took business from the railroad companies. Exhaust polluted the air. Lead to traffic jams. Helped unify and homogenize the nation(made us more similar place to place)
The rise of consumerism
This is the buying of material goods. Americans spent equating material goods with success, planned obsolescence which leads to a throw away society. Increased in private debt

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