Training NCO ?’s

Explain EPS
The enlisted promotion system and is used when promoting soldiers E-4 and above – gathers points from NCOER’s, awards, APFT, and weapons qual
How I affect a soldiers EPS packet..
I am responsible to make sure the soldier has completed all his required training and is up to date on his training requirements
Army Training Requirements and Resource System
ATRRS is used for..
Input soldiers for schools. It also has other additional value such as viewing a soldier’s transcript.
ATRRS Funding Allocation Module – Used to project cost and reserve slots for sending soldiers to schools.
Total Ammunition Management Information System – used to forecast and project ammunition needs
Automated Fund Control Order System – To create orders ( I D T, A T, A D S W)
Digital Training Mgmt System – a web based system which provides the ability to plan, resource and manage unit and individual training at all levels.
DA 1379
Pay Report – Ultimately the commander is ensuring it is correct however authority is usually delegated to the Readiness or Training NCO and realistically they are responsible for it.
Used to pay Soldiers for IDT
Used to pay soldiers for RMP’s or splitting drills.
Range Facility Mgmt Support System – used to determine facility and range availability, submit and view scheduling requests and read published range bulletins.
Request For Orders
Training Meeting Purpose
to review completed training, de-conflict training issues, plan and prepare future training, and exchange timely training information between participants. Company Commander responsible for meeting
Training Meeting Attendees
All key leaders should be present to include the commander and staff, Full time staff, 1SG, Food Service NCO, NBC NCO, platoon SGT’s and Leaders, and anyone else designated by the commander.
Purpose of a training schedule
to ensure that training is conducted in a timely manner by qualified trainers, with necessary resources, to the Army standard.
Information to publish a training schedule..
comes from each platoons approved 350-1-R training & evaluation plan sign by the commander and from the companies approved yearly training calendar and guidance.
Pre-Reqs for Soldier to attend a course..
ATRSS under SH or SL screen or some info in DA PAM 611-21.
RS – Common ATRRS Screen
Reservations By Student
A1 – Common ATRRS Screen
Course Application
R5 – Common ATRRS Screen
Class Statistics for ALL Quota Sources
R6 – Common ATRRS Screen
Class Statistics for ONE Quota Source
LC – Common ATRRS Screen
Master Course List
Trainer’s primary training reference is ..
The Battalion or company METL
# of UTA’s a Soldier is authorized each year
ATD Pay code – A
A = Authorized Absence
ATD Pay code – B
B = attached to another unit
ATD Pay code – C
C = Constructive attendance
ATD Pay code – E
E = Split before drill
ATD Pay code – K
K = Split after drill
ATD Pay code – P
P = Present
ATD Pay code – U
U = Unexcused absence
# of Principles of Training
Principles of Training #1
Commanders and other leaders are responsible for training
Principles of Training #2
NCO’s train individuals, crews, and small teams
Principles of Training #3
Train to standard
Principles of Training #4
Train as you will fight
Principles of Training #5
Train while operating
Principles of Training #6
Train Fundamentals First
Principles of Training #7
Train to develop operational adaptability
Principles of Training #8
Understand the operational environment
Principles of Training #9
Train to Sustain
Principles of Training #10
Train to Maintain
Principles of Training #11
Conduct multiechelon and concurrent training

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