through number 14 ch6

which of the following is not a type of USB connector
Which connector type has a slight d shape
RJ-11 jacks are almost exclusively used for
What is the most common general-purpose connection for PCs
How many pins are on a typical FireWire connector
What type of keyboard connector is used by most modern pcs
Traditional external modems plugged into a
serial port
NICs usually have a single connection
RAM storage is not measured in which of the following types of units
Modern PCs are showing up with what special type of port for external hard drives and optical drives
Which types of vido connectors are common today
What two parts of your PC are much more sensitive to ESD that others
How many pins are on a VGA connector
Micro-A and micro-B connectors are what type of connectors, although less commonly seen
DB connectors are technically called connectors
Expansion cards plug into
expansion slots
RAM is measured in
A takes standard power and converts it into power your PC can use
power supply
The performs all the calculations that take place inside the PC
Every has a make, a model, and a package type
Everything in a PC connects either directly or indirectly to a
PATA, SATA, and SCSI are three types of drives
DB connectors used in PCs can have from to pins or sockets
9 to 37
A USB connector is on the end of the cable where it plugs into the USB device
The interface between the network and the PC is provided by
FireWire connectors are also known as
IEEE 1394
USB devices are hot-swappable and can be inserted and removed without the system
parallel ports us a female DB connector
25 pin
External modems traditionally connected to a but often connect to USB ports today
serial port
The primary interface to the computer is the Windows _____
Any Windows session begins with _____
What is the official name of the system tray (the area to the far right on the taskbar)?
notification area
Access to all drives and folders in XP is provided through _____
my computer
Where can you find files that have been deleted?
recycle bin
Windows _____ provides access to most of the maintenance, upgrade, and configuration utilities interface.
control panel
System management utilities such as Disk Defragmenter can be accessed from the _____ menu
system tools
Which utility allows users to view and configure hardware and drivers in a Windows PC?
Device manager
The icons in the Control Panel of a Windows system are links to files with the extension __.
Microsoft Management Console is a shell program that holds individual utilities called _____.
snap ins
Windows combines almost all of the snap-ins into an applet in the Control Panel called _____.
administrative tools
How much RAM can a 64-bit processor address?
16 Terabytes
Where can applets be found?
control panel
What is the tool used to examine and configure the hardware and drivers within a system?
device manager
How is a problem shown in Device Manager?
Red “X”
Which version of Windows lacks the ability to log on to a Windows domain, encrypt files and folders, and support multiple CPUs?
Windows XPHome
You have a 32-bit CPU and a 32-bit version of Windows. What is the maximum amount of RAM your system can use?
4 GB
18. The tool used to schedule a program to start at any time you wish is called ____________________.
schedule task
In Windows operating systems, the ____________________ is a shell program that holds individual utilities called snap-ins.
The ____________________ version of Windows 7 is the minimum required version for joining domains.
The tool that’s similar to the DOS command prompt is known as the ____________________.
The Microsoft Management Console allows a technician to create his or her own tools by adding ____________________.
Windows assigns different icons to different types of files based on their ____________________.
The ____________________ applet of the Control Panel provides access to essential system information and operating system tools.
The ____________________ in a Windows operating system enables users to examine and configure all the hardware and drivers in a Windows PC.
device manager
The ____________________ tool enables you to tell what has happened on a PC in the last week or more.
event viewer
In a Windows XP system, the ____________________ snap-in of the Performance console can monitor real-time data.
system monitor
__________ provides a one-page aggregation of event messages, warnings, and maintenance messages.
action center
The Performance console consists of two snap-ins called the ____________________ and Performance Logs and Alerts.
system monitoring
__________ enables you to see at a glance what’s been done to the computer over a period of time, including software installations and uninstallations, failures of hardware or applications, and general uptime.
liability monitor
All versions of Windows provide a special folder structure for each __________ so users have their own places to store personal data.
user account
Windows operating systems use a robust and secure file system called the ___________
The Control Panel is populated by a large number of programs called ______________.
To paste text, press the ____________________ hot-key combination.
ctrl V
The technical name of the folder where Windows is installed is ____________________.
Windows stores offline Web pages in ____________________ by default.
64-bit versions of Windows Vista and 7 store 32-bit applications in the _________ folder.
__________ editions of Windows Vista and 7 can only be purchased directly from Microsoft, and include extra features designed for large businesses.
The __________-bit processor can access up to 16TB of RAM
The __________-bit processor can access up to 16TB of RAM
In which topology do all computers connect to the network via a main line?
Which topology combines aspects of the other topologies?
How long is a MAC address?
48 bits
How are MAC addresses represented?
12 hexadecimal characters
All network interfaces cards (NICs) made have what item “burned” into them?
MAC address
A frame contains all of the following EXCEPT:
IP address
Regardless of the different cables or connectors, all sub-flavors of Ethernet use the same _______
frame type
What is the general cable distance limit of an Ethernet segment?
100 meters
Which device makes all computers share a given bandwidth?
Which connector is typically used in Ethernet?
RJ 45
Who receives a broadcast sent to the MAC address FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF?
every computer on the segment
A wide-spread group of computers connected using long-distance technologies is called a __.
What device typically separates broadcast domains?
What type of address consists of four sets of eight binary numbers (octets) separated by a period?
IP address
What tells the computer what part of its IP address is the network ID?
Subnet mask
What’s the minimum number of IP addresses that a router must have?
What is a method used to correlate IP addresses with more human-friendly designations?
All of the following items are typically entered when configuring IP information EXCEPT:
MAC address
Which protocol provides your computer with all the IP information it needs to get on the network?
Which device keeps databases of IP addresses and their corresponding names?
dns server
21. __________ is the physical and logical design for the network to connect all of the computers together. topology
22. The __________ topology is how the network is laid out on paper, similar to an electronic schematic. logical
23. __________ contain the MAC address of the network card to which the data is being sent. frames
24. __________ improve bandwidth drastically by putting the computer on its own separate network. switches
25. The connection between a computer and a switch is called a __________. segment
26. __________ take care of addressing, security, and other functions. network protocols
network protocol
Protocols are combined into groups, called __________.
protocol stacks
__________ protocol handled naming conventions, while __________ chopped up data for delivery via frames.
Netbios and netbeui
WANs are typically connected via one or more __________.
__________ use broadcasting to send frames to their computers on the network.
Tshe __________ is the unique identification number for your system on the network. ip address
ip address
Routers are devices that have at least two __________.
ip address
Special computers, called __________, keep databases of IP addresses and their corresponding names.
domain name service servers
The __________ service makes manual IP address configuration unnecessary.
__________ reside on the domain controllers instead of local PCs.
domain accounts
1. How many clock cycles does the CPU require to act on a command?
at least two
What kind of RAM is cache typically made of?
3. What is used to hold a CPU in place?
4. CPUs typically run faster than the clock. What do they use to do this?
5. What newer technology automatically configures CPU multipliers and speeds?
6. How much RAM can a 64-bit processor theoretically access?
16 EB
7. Which technology allows a computer to run more than one operating system at a time?
8. Newer CPUs process instructions and commands in what type of execution?
9. Because CPU makers can’t make the processors run much quicker, they are instead doing what?
combining multiple cpus on a single chip
10. If the number of wires in a CPU’s address bus is 20, what is the maximum amount of RAM the CPU can handle?
1048576 bytes
11. Which type of processor is sometimes integrated with the CPU to handle certain tasks more efficiently, such as video processing?
12. A sudden CPU shutdown usually indicates what condition?
13. A catastrophic failure is usually indicated by any of the following EXCEPT:
increased system perfomance
14. What tells the CPU what to do with the data in the registers?
instruction set
15. Which technology enables the CPU to simulate the actions of a second processor? A. Emulation B. Multithreading C. Multicore processing D. Virtualization
16. What technology requires that the OS and applications be written specifically to handle multiple threads? A. Emulation B. Multicore processing C. Hyper-Threading D. Virtualization
hyper threading
17. The communication device of the CPU is called the ____________________.
external data bus
18. The temporary storage areas of a CPU are called ____________________.
19. The ____________________ determines the speed at which a CPU and the rest of the PC operate.
system crystal
20. A(n) ____________________ is a series of commands sent to a CPU in a specific order for processing.
21. Some CPUs include three caches. They are the ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________ caches.
22. The speed at which the CPU and the rest of the system operate is determined by the ____________________.
system crystal
23. With ____________________, each individual pipeline can run more than one thread at a time.
24. The connection between the CPU, the MCC, and the RAM is called the ____________________.
grontside bus
25. Almost all current CPUs have A(n) __________, moved from the motherboard chip into the CPU to optimize the flow of information into and out of the CPU.
26. The connection between the CPU and the L2 cache is called the ____________________.
backside bus
27. All modern CPUs run at some multiple of the __________ speed.
28. The four stages of pipelining are __________.
fetch decoe execute write
29. A(n) ____________________ and A(n) ____________________ connect to the CPU and keep it cool.
heat sink and cooling fan
30. The device that retrieves data from RAM and places it on the external data bus is called the ____________________.
16. The memory controller chip (MCC) controls memory access to the CPU. On modern PCs the MCC handles _______________ bits.
17. Early RAM technologies used a form of error checking called _______________.
18. Instead of parity, modern servers employ motherboards that support _______________ for error checking.
19. RAM sticks can be single or _______________ sided.
20. _______________ RAM is tied to the system clock.
21. The PC needs to automatically detect any DIMM you have installed. It does this through the use of a unique chip called _______________ installed on every DIMM stick.
22. If a computer does not boot or you get a blank screen, you probably have not installed the _______________ correctly.
ram sticks
23. GDDR3 is a type of memory used solely in _______________ cards.
24. A system using DDR3 RAM with a 200 MHz RAM clock speed would require a PC speed rating of _______________.
25. Windows uses a portion of the hard drive as an extension of system RAM, called a __________.
16. The keyboard controller stores the scan code in A(n) ____________________.
17. Programs stored on ROM chips are called ____________________.
18. ____________________ refers to updating the system BIOS.
19. Video cards have their own ____________________ for internal functions.
20. A separate memory chip called the ____________________ chip stores the information that describes specific device parameters.
21. All devices need a BIOS. If it’s not built into the system BIOS, devices bring their own BIOS with ____________________ or ____________________.
rom or device drivers
22. Upon power-up, the CPU determines whether the power supply is working correctly by monitoring a(n) ____________________ wire.
pwer good
23. The ____________________ extends the address bus to all the other parts of the PC.
24. The CPU uses the ____________________ to communicate with devices.
25. The component that stores data read by BIOS, but does not store programs, is known as ____________________.
26. When the computer is turned on or reset, it initiates a special program stored on the ROM chip, called the ____________________.
27. The CPU reads a special wire called ____________________ as soon as the power supply provides the proper voltage.
power good wire
28. Many PCs have CMOS setup menus that display information about the CPU, RAM, and GPU and include controls for __________ them.
29. The __________ can be used to change the voltage and multiplier settings on the motherboard for the CPU from the defaults.
mb intelligence tweaker
30. UEFI motherboards support a newer type of hard drive partitioning called __________, which makes it possible to boot partitions larger than 2.2 TB.

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