Thomas Jefferson DBQ Essay Example
Thomas Jefferson DBQ Essay Example

Thomas Jefferson DBQ Essay Example

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  • Published: July 29, 2017
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Inaugurated into his presidential term in March of 1801. Thomas Jefferson bit by bit began to roll away from his Democratic-Republican positions. Prior to his presidential term. Jefferson. along with his Republican followings. practiced thoughts including a rigorous reading of the Constitution. a weak cardinal authorities while obtaining strong province authoritiess. and a separation of powers. When he came to office. he proved to the citizens of the United States that one’s positions may easy be swayed when important political determinations are needed to be made. Thomas Jefferson contradicted his old positions as a Democratic-Republican by his determinations made through a loose reading of the Constitution. his failure to move in the best involvement of the bulk. and his misdemeanor of the separation of powers. turn outing to the people of the United States that even a extre


mely well-thought-of politician can do unethical picks one time given the power.

Despite his original advocating of a rigorous reading of the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson’s actions during his presidential term opposed his original thoughts. Harmonizing to a address given by Jefferson on his sentiment of a National Bank. he states that the incorporation of a centralised bank has non “been delegated to the United States. by the Constitution. ” as referred to in the 10th amendment ( Document C ) . The difference between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. the Democratic-Republicans and the Federalists. refering how the Constitution should be construed. was a immense contention between the two political parties in their premature age. In 1803. Jefferson executed an action that instead resembled that of a Federalist ; he found a loophole in The Constitution in order to buy

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the district of Louisiana. Nowhere in the Fundamental law did it province that this was an acceptable act done by the president and the Federal authorities. so Jefferson created a pact in order to buy this land so his act would non be deemed Unconstitutional.

This contradictory action in the early old ages of Jefferson’s presidential term was non the last of his controversial determinations. After old ages of impressment by the British on US ships. Thomas Jefferson decided that a halt to all trade. to and from Europe. was the lone manner to protect American vass. Harmonizing to Jefferson in his Seventh Annual Message to Congress. an American vas. the USS Chesapeake. was “attacked by one of those [ British ] vass which had been lying in our seaports under the indulgences of hospitality” ( Document F ) .

Jefferson felt that actions needed to be taken in order to reconstruct peaceable seas. This came to be known as the Embargo Act of 1807 ( Document H ) . Though Jefferson may hold believed that this was in the best involvement of the people. the bulk of Americans were unsatisfied by the determination. Shortly after the Embargo Act began. the US economic system plummeted. doing rising prices. recession and depression. caused by a deficiency of European industry in which to sell and merchandise goods. A political sketch based on this act illustrates a runner trying to merchandise his goods with the British. while a snapping polo-neck. stand foring the Embargo Act. is keeping him back ( Document D ) .

It was apparent that this was unpopular amongst the people of the United States. showing a contrast

in the positions and actions of Thomas Jefferson before and after his presidential term. In his First Inaugural Address. Jefferson emphasizes an importance of delighting the whole state ; “the bulk is in all instances to prevail” ( Document B ) Before he took office. he supported whatever determination was in the greatest involvement of the bulk. though now. the bulk was unpleased by his actions. An apothegm of a devout Democratic-Republican is that the cardinal authorities should ne'er derive excessively much power. and a separation of powers in necessary in order to avoid a monarchy. In the yesteryear. Thomas Jefferson felt that the Executive. Legislative and Judicial subdivisions should non be straight involved in certain issues.

A instance affecting the threatening of the impeachment of an Associate Justice. Samuel Chase. intertwined the executive subdivision with affairs for which the judicial subdivision held duty. Thomas Jefferson. a adult male once prophesying the importance of a separation of these three subdivisions. was now go againsting this separation of powers by trying to impeach a adult male through the House of Representatives. In 1805 in the Journal of the Senate of the United States. shows the inside informations of the test of Samuel Chase. It reads. “HIGH CASE OF IMPEACHMENTS- The United States vs. Samuel Chase” ( Document G ) . Since this was meant to be a judicial instance. it is questionable that the instance rubric does non read. “The Supreme Court vs. Samuel Chase. ” One may detect that an action such as this performed by any other politician old to his presidential term would hold infuriated Thomas Jefferson.

Even after he is no longer in office.

Jefferson recites his pre-presidency beliefs to Joseph C. Cabell. saying the duties of “the province authoritiess with the civil rights. Torahs. police” ( Document E ) . It is suggested that this proves Jefferson’s hungriness for power. merely during his presidential term. A Democratic-Republican is by and large expected to believe in certain positions. such as keeping strong province authoritiess with a little and less powerful federal authorities. a separation of powers. and a rigorous reading of the United States Constitution.

After a few determinations he made in office. it was clear that Jefferson’s former publicity of the Democratic-Republican Party was non apparent in his presidential term. Thomas Jefferson’s actions contradictory to his old positions as a Democratic-Republican were exemplified through his determinations made through a loose reading of the Constitution. his failed effort to move in the best involvement of the bulk. and his misdemeanor of the separation of powers. demoing that even a well-esteemed leader is capable of doing corrupt determinations one time power has been put into their custodies.

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