Themes in Literature-Study Questions~Test 2 – Flashcards

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Author of “The Knights of the Silver Shield”
Raymond Macdonald Alden
What was the knight form “Knights of the silver shield” named?
Sir Roland
What appeared on Sir Roland’s shield?
A golden star
Author of “Courage Has a Crimson Coat”
Nancy Byrd Turner
Author of “The Fight with the Windmills”
Miguel de Cervantes
What was the main character in “The fight with the windmills” named?
Don Quixote
What was Don Quixote’s squire named?
Sancho Panza
What did Don Quizote think the windmills were?
What was Don Quixote’s horse named?
Author of “Trust in God and Do the Right”
Norman Macleod
Author of “Quest for Courage”
Armstrong Sperry
what is the main character in “Quest for Courage” named?
Tue or False: Mafatu was scared of the sea because it killed his mother.
What is the name of Mafatu’s dog?
What kind of bird does Mafatu keep as a pet?
An albatross.
What is Mafatu’s albatross named?
What was breaking into Mafatu’s fish trap?
A hammerhead shark.
What did Mafatu drop into the water?
His knife.
True or False: Mafatur killed both an octupus and a shark.
Author of “Stanzas on Freedom”
James Russell Lowell
According to “Stanzas on Freedom” we are not truly free and brave if what?
There are slaves.
Author of “Beneath the Saddle”
Russell Gordon Carter
In “Beneathteh Saddle” what is the main character named?
Nathan Cathcart
What war is taking place during “Beneath the Saddle”?
The Revolutionary War
Who invaded Nathan Cathcart’s house in the middle of the night?
The British Redcoats.
Who came knocking on Nathan Cathcart’s door?
A Continental soldier
Did Nathan Cathcart help the Continental soldier?
Tue or False: Nathan Cathcart hid the soldier in a seceet compartment behind the chimney.
What was under the Continental soldier’s saddle?
Secret papers.
Author oof “The Patriot’s Pass-Word”
James Montgomery
What is the name of the Swiss hero in “The patriot’s pass-word”?
Arnold Winkelried
What is the “patriot’s password” (so to speak)?
Make way for liberty!
Author of “The WInd is Free”
Jan Masaryk
What is the main character in “The Wind is Free” named?
What is Eva’s older brother named?
What is Eva’s younger brother named?
What nickname does the soldier give Eva?
Red Cheeks
What is the name of the game the children played with horses, (a) The Ride of the Kings. or (b) The Wind is Free.
Tue or False: The children in “The Wind is Free” threw a scarecrow call “Old Woman Winter’ into the river.
True or False: Eva’s brother, Thomaso, was captured.
What did the soldiers do to Thomaso in the Guard House?
Questioned him.
What was Eva to tell the baker’s wife?
The bread is sour!
True or False: Eva’s complaint about the bread was really a secret message.
Author of “The Charge of the Light Brigade”
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
“The Charge of the Light Brigade” was inspired by the batlle of (a) the Revolutionary war. or (b) The Crimean War?
Who wrote “Letter from a Soldier”?
Sullivan Ballou
True of False: “Letter from a Soldier” was written from a soldier to his wife during the Civil War.
Author of “The Legend of Kate Shelley”
Freeman H. Hubbard
How old was Kate Shelley?
Kate Shelley did what; (a) Stopped a passenger train from sinking. or (b) Crawled across a bridge during a horrible storm.
a and b
Author of “The Dinner Party”.
Mona Mardner
In what country does “The Dinner Party” take place?
The hostess knew that thecobra was in the room because; (a) she saw it in the rafters. or (b) it was lying across her foot.
True or False: In “The Dinner Party” a bowl of milk was used to bait the cobra.
Author of “The Duel”
Emily Dickinson
In “The Duel” what does the speaker battle against?
The world
What Biblical story does “The Duel” refer to; (a) Noah and the Ark. or (b) David and Goliath
In “The Duel” did the poem’s speaker win the battle?
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