The witch of blackbird pond study guide

where did Kit live before going on this journey

Where did Mistress Eaton spend her summers
Saybrook tending her berbends

what was a new sensation for Kit

why did Kit jump off the long boat
to save the little girls doll because the captain wouldnt stop the boat

Identify goodwife cruff
very strict, always scowling, didn’t approve of Kit

Hoe did people on the boat react when kit said that she could swim
surprised because back then no one floated unless you were a witch

identify John Holbrook
very smart wanted to go to harvard

why did Goodwife cruff think kit was a witch
she floated in the water

identify prudence
goodwife crufts daughter

why did kit live with her grandfather in barbados
parents died on a cruise

why was john surprised that kit read plays
women didn’t usually read because no one had a library back then

why weren’t kits relatives at the dock to meet her
they didn’t know she was coming

what was kits feelings about whethersfied
dull and very boring, get and gray

why was kits grandfather no linger wealthy
the overseer the plantation sod the whole crop then disappeared

describe mattew wood
great uncle, believes in the purative way of live, not wealthy

what kind of women is Rachel
supportive tender loving thoutful,

what was wrong with mercy
she was on cruches

how did matther wood react to kits giving clothes to his daughters
furious/ embarresed

why did kit have to come to Connecticut
old man wanted to marry her

what did Judith think of Kit
not happy because she wasn’t qualified to do work, unhappy about sharing

what are sabbath houses
were families would go on sundays to eat in between church services if they lived to far to go home

what did Kit think of the church services
boring, uncomfortable

why did Dr. Bulkeley think Matthew was a traitor
he didn’t like the new governor Andros

identify william ashby
father is the kings man very rich had 3 acres

was Judith upset about the loss of William
jealous because at firth she wanted william to call on her

describe william’s call on Kit
they sat down and didn’t talk it was awkward

why was the fact that William had started building his house significant
means that his mind is made up , he wants to marry kit

describe kits feelings about the meadows
thought is was beautiful, reminded her of barbados, peaceful and quit

identify hannah tupper
widow lives by blackbird pond, people say she’s a witch

what job was kit offered
helo Mercy teach school in the summer Dame school

what had happened to mercy’s brothers
mercy and her brother bought a fever but she got better, her brother died, they other brother, born after Judith, was alive for a week because he was born prematurally

why did Matthew wood change after the death of his second son
he really wanted a boy, felt responsible for their deaths

what did Kit do to anger the schoolmasters
told the kids to acts out something from the bible

where did kit of after she had been dismissed as a teacher
to the meadow to Hannahs house

why did Kit of to see Mr Kimberly
to try and get her job back/ apoligize

who was Hanna’s seafaring friend
Nathanial Eaton (Nat) the captions son

Who left kit flowers
prudence, good wife crafts daughter

why didn’t prudence go to school
mom says she’s to big and stupid

how did kit teach prudence to read
the hornbook in the meadow under a tree

wha secret did Kit discover about Mercy
she was in love with John

what did Nat compare Kit
a bird

what did Nat and Kit do for Hannah
re did her roof

what did Matther Wood do when he discovered that kit and been seeing and helping Hannah tupper
forbid her from going over there again

which wood girl did John really like

what did Judith think john was going to say
ask fathers blessing to marry Judith

what was kits response to Williams marriage proposal
wanted to get to know william for a little longer

where did kit see Nat
at the dolphin

how did kit feel about governor Andros
she liked him, felt grateful towards him

why was the charter safe
it was stolen from the meeting

what happened to William’s new home
put lanterns in the windows which cursed the house it was illuminated

who was one of the men who took part in the illumination of Williams house

what was Nat’s punishment
fine of 40 shellings, 30 whips, seated in stocks for 1 hour before and after lecture

what did Kit teach Prudence to do (other then read)
write her name

where did John go

what happened to Judith
got really sick after john left

how did mercy react to becoming sick
cried, buried her head in pillows as if she was ashamed people had to care for her

what was Dr. Bulkeley’s cure for the fever
onions on chest

where did Ki hide hannah
the dolphin

why did people want hannah
thought she casted spell to make everyone sick

what made kit feel guilty
didn’t feel like she was helping uncle matthew

how did the townspeople suppose Hannah escaped
turned into a mouse

what happened to Kit
charged with witchcraft, got locked up in the constables house

What evidence did Goodman Cruff bring forth at the hearing
the copy book

how was kit proved to be innocent
by prudence reading and writing

what change came over goodman Cruff when he found out that Prudence could read and write
thought prudence was smart, told goodwife cruft to stop picking on her

what did john do when he got home
proposed to mercy

why had William stayed away during Kit’s arrest an hearig
didn’t want to be seen in her company

who was going to be married
mercy and John, William and Judith

how was kit going to afford passage back to Barbados
sell some dresses

who did kit realize she loved

what did nat buy
a new boat named the witch

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