The Odyssey Part 2 Studyguide

A greek hero

Odysseus dog

Odysseus Son

Odysseus Wife

A loyal Swine



The goddess of wisdom

The god of lightning

How does Odysseus finally arrive in Ithaca?
King Alcinious gives him a ship

How is Odysseus disguised as he returns home? Who has disguised him?
He is disguised as a beggar. Athena has disguised him.

What does Athena tell Telemachus?
She tells him to go back home and see the swine

Why does Telemachus visit the swineherd?
To ask about his men.

What is the first place the Odysseus visits when he returns home?
He heads to Eumaeus

What does Odysseus instruct Telemachus to do?
Pretends he doesn’t know him

Who is Argos? What does he symbolize
Odysseus Dog and loyalty

What does the scene with Argos reveal about Odysseus’s character?
Inspires great loyalty.

How has Argos been treated? What happens to him?
He has been treated horribly and he dies while laying in poop.

What does the beggar tell Penelope about Odysseus?
He said he has heard his is own his way home.

What is Penelope’s reaction when seeing Odysseus’s bow after all these years?
She sobbed when she saw the bow.

Describe Penelope’s test for her suitors.
Whoever can string the bow and shoot through the 12 axe hene socket.

Why does Odysseus decide to reveal his identity to two men before he strings his bow? Who are they?
They longed for him to come back

Which god does the cowherd invoke?

What does Odysseus she

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