The Media and Politics

Do news entities provide only the facts? Why or why not?
Yes, news entities provide facts and leave it to the individual to interpret them.
No, news entities present only opinion-based information.
Yes, news entities report the facts, not what they think.
No, news entities offer opinions, debate, and interpretations of events.

When policymakers use the media to deliver specific messages to citizens, what are policymakers trying to do?
solicit donations
promote policies
encourage debate
garner votes

The media aim to make the public
aware of the issues.
actively involved.

Which of these best describes what the media generally facilitate for the public?
the ability to actively participate in policy making
the ability to communicate with government officials and lawmakers
the ability to try to influence policy decisions
the ability to hear discussions on laws and the lawmaking process

How might opinion polls negatively affect voter behaviors?
They often sway voters’ opinions on the issues.
They can motivate people to not vote.
They frequently influence voters’ stance on the candidates.
They persuade people to vote for particular issues and candidates.

Which of these is a way in which politicians, particularly on the state and national level, would most likely interact with citizens online?
through instant messaging
by connecting on social media
through local town-hall meetings
by private messages

Why is media coverage of elections important?
It is the only information source that most people have.
It helps people have a comprehensive understanding of the issues.
It introduces the candidates to the public.
It encourages people to vote.

Which best describes why politicians spend millions of dollars on advertising during elections?
to reinforce their messages
to dissuade people from voting for their opponents
to influence voters
to generate donations

For what purposes do politicians generally use the Internet? Select all that apply.
to generate donations
to organize supporters
to limit criticism
to solicit support
to debate the issues
A, B & D

How has the Internet changed the way voters interact with campaigns?
It has enabled more active participation by voters.
It has encouraged greater consideration of the issues by voters.
It has generated greater criticism of campaigns.
It has increased support for candidates and voting rates.

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