The Lord of The Flies

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Conch Shell
Civilization, order, democracy, unity, speech/having a voice.
Signal Fire
Past life, hope, escaping the island, warmth, survival, humanity.
The Beast
Fear, savagery, devil, evil in all people.
The Scar
Site of the plane crash, who they used to be; the society they came from vs. who they are now and their loss of their old society.
Piggy’s Glasses
Rationality, science, clarity of vision, intelligence.
The Lord of the Flies
Head of a pig on a stick, The Devil, evil within humanity.
How do the boys end up on the island?
There was a plane crash and an apparent war
How does the reaction of the fair-haired boy differ from the fat boy’s at the realization that there are no adults around?
Piggy was upset and concerned about how they were going to get through this. He also tries to be organized. Ralph is happy and excited. He thinks that they will have a lot of fun and have an adventure.
What might the language in the description of Ralph foreshadow?
He is confident, arrogant, and might end up as their protector
How old is Ralph?
What gives the conch value?
That it could be sold for a lot and its ability to attract the others
Why do the boys gather as Ralph blows the conch?
People on this island are curious and walk towards the sound
Why is Ralph chosen over Piggy and Jack to be leader?
He seems to be the natural choice and blows the conch, and is confident. They aren’t concerned with piggy’s confidence. Jack is mean
What is the first order of business?
They are going to explore the island Ralph Simon and Jack
Describe the island and explain the significance of its shape.
It is boat shaped and confined
Describe Jack’s emotional state at the end of the chapter.
Infuriated because he couldn’t kill pig
What is the most notable symbol of chapter one and what does it represent?
The conch, because it puts Ralph and charge and it becomes a symbol for leadership.
What is the general goal of the group of boys throughout chapter one?
To stick together
In what ways is Piggy the voice of reason?
He thinks things through, he fusses at them, and realizes the fire is not well built, he brings conch with him
How does Jack and Ralph’s relationship develop during the building of the fire?
They are working together so they are getting along
Does Piggy’s place in this society seem to be any different from his place in England? Why is it difficult for the boys to hear Piggy?
No, he is annoying
What part of society does Piggy symbolically represent?
the nerds
How does Golding indicate the passage of time?
Through the physical changes in the characters, considerably longer hair growth
When Jack is hunting or talking about hunting, what kind of look does he have? What does this signify?
Madness and animalistic
What has Ralph come to realize about society on the island?
People don’t help much
What is Golding’s purpose in introducing the scene of the little ones playing in the sand and in the pool?
They are small, can’t do anything, naive, innocent
What societal archetypes do Ralph, Jack, and Simon seem to represent?
Ralph wants an ordered democratic society, Jack is primal and militaristic chaos, Simon is spirituality and goodness and like the clergy and priest-like
In what ways does the author create a Christ-likeness about Simon?
He feeds the children, becomes one with nature, and helps him build the huts
In Chapter Three, the personal conflict between Ralph and Jack mirrors the thematic conflict of the novel. What is the thematic conflict?
Ralph wants and organized democracy, while Jack is like a savage
From what point of view is “Lord of the Flies” told?
Third-person omniscient
Describe the rhythm of life on the island.
Monotonous and consistent, it’s a routine
What causes Maurice to cease his destruction of the littluns’ castle and continue on to the water?
He got sand in Percival’s eyes, he feels guilty because he has a since of wrong doing
Why does Jack paint his face? How does the paint transform him?
He wants to obscure his identity, it releases his inner self
What symbolic meaning does the fire have?
Identify the protagonist and the antagonist.
Ralph is the protagonist and the antagonist is Jack
Identify the primary/major conflict of the novel.
Good vs. evil
What are the secondary conflicts?
Savage vs. civilization
What theme is Golding developing in the opening paragraph of Chapter Five?
Coming of age, loss of innocence
Which of the characters thus far may be considered to be an antihero?
Contrast this meeting with other meetings. What is its purpose?
To discuss serious business
How do the topics at this meeting reflect the theme?
He is reiterating the rules and they support how Ralph wants to get home
How do Ralph’s and Jack’s reactions to the littluns’ fear indicate their opposite personalities?
Ralph was nice and caring while Jack was scary and rude
Since Lord of the Flies is allegorical in nature, interpret what the beast may signify in a religious reading.
What additional fear does Percival’s speech evoke?
The beast must come out of the sea, it holds the unknown, the beast is powerful, it makes since because they haven’t seen it
What is the final straw in Ralph and Jack’s relationship?
Jack told Ralph to shut up, who cares about the rules, Jack is challenging Ralph verbally
What prevents Ralph from blowing the conch to bring the meeting back to order?
It won’t do anything, if he does than they are done
Why are Piggy and Simon adamant about Ralph’s not giving up leadership?
They know if Jack was the leader they wouldn’t be rescued
What purpose does the second paragraph of Chapter Six serve?
It reminds that there is a war on and it sets the stage for the beast
How does the larger setting reinforce the theme of the novel?
The outside world is at war just like Jack and Ralph are at war
What is the beast from the air?
A dead parachutist
Why do the planes not see the fire on the island?
Sam and Eric are on the top of the island, but they let the fire go out, and since there is a war going on they don’t care
After relighting the fire, what frightens Sam and Eric? How do they respond?
They see this thing, the parachutist, and they think it’s a beast and tell everyone
Who composes the group that will hunt for the beast?
Jack, Simon, and most of the choir
How does the sea look from Ralph’s vantage point? What does this association contribute to this episode?
He calls the ocean a sleeping leviathan and Ralph doesn’t like it, it’s a rotten place
What does the use of the adverb, mutinously, foreshadow?
A rebellion against Ralph
What is significant about Ralph’s concern with his appearance as the chapter begins?
He can’t stand his outward appearance because he despises looking savage
How does the change in this view affect Ralph’s thoughts?
It makes rescue seem impossible
At this point, what contrast is presented by Ralph’s daydream?
Nostalgic, it is of home
Describe how the meeting at the beginning of the chapter begins and ends.
Jack calls the meeting and then Jack leaves
What does Piggy’s suggestion to move the fire to the beach accomplish in the boys? How does Piggy feel?
It gives them hope, and it gives them purpose, appreciate, accomplished, and accepted by the group

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