The Liberal Studies in American Educational System Essay Example
The Liberal Studies in American Educational System Essay Example

The Liberal Studies in American Educational System Essay Example

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  • Published: January 19, 2022
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The liberal education classes I have taken are the ones that are a requirement for the completion of the American education system. I am of the opinion that while it is important to be exposed to the Liberal Education classes as a foundation for further education in future, some of the content learnt may never be put into practical use in my life. In essence, I attach value to General education but only to the extent it does not deviate from the purpose of molding a responsible character.

Seneca is of the opinion that while liberal studies are supposed to engrain a moral compass to a person unlike vocational studies that are meant to make one economically productive, they(liberal studies) have failed to give man exactly what is worthy to him; morals. Instead, the liberal education, supposedly desirable of a free men, only fills their minds with informa


tion that may never be of relevance to the persons in their entire lives: Geometry only propagates meanness, astrology is of no impactful to humans, and music fails to teach on mind’s Seneca’s view, liberal studies ought to inculcate humanity, mercifulness, bravery, modesty and loyalty. Seneca effectively demonstrates that being of good morals and wise is not tied to liberal and formal education by making allusions that wisdom is possible without liberal studies.

A college need not just produce labor force for the industries. It should also invest in producing responsible and straight forward citizens. Notably, both practical education and general education are important in shaping students’ lives. While the prevailing market economy puts pressure on colleges to place proportionately high emphasis on practical training, a balance can b

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struck by encouraging students to make voluntary selection subjects. By so doing students can emerge from education system with a balance of both specialization and personality that is not only relevant to the fields they will be working in, but also enhances all rounded character.

Newman believed education should not just be a means to career success but should be sought for the sake of being knowledgeable and to foster inquisitiveness. Both general studies and career-oriented classes are important. The general studies make one an all rounded person who fits in the social fabric and in a dignified way. Career focused studies boost ones productivity. Excelling in both spheres entails success in life.

In a bid to boost rates of student success and course completion rates, Armenta contends that use of data to identify trends that are leading to better completion rates is a great idea. However, just as Newman observes, Armenta believes use of data and provision of good learning environment as postulated by Earnest Boyer (the subject of Armenta’s article) should be supplemented by providing motivation to the individual students. Armenta view’s that a community that has confidence in the students is a source of motivation by the learners to even outperform expectations. In essence the intangible confidence (Armenta’s article) and the beauty in Newman’s scenario represent great parallel of non-material rewards being a motivation for seeking knowledge.

Newman believes knowledge should not be sort only in pursuit of a certain tangible rewards. He gives a vivid analogy of effort made in beautifying a park or garden without expecting corn or fruits but instead deriving satisfaction from the beauty, so should be knowledge. Indeed, when enjoyment

is derived from pursuit of knowledge, it (enjoyment) acts as a source of motivation to keep seeking knowledge even when anticipating no material rewards.

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