The Invention of Hugo Cabret: the Comparing and Contrasting of the Movie and Book

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In this amazing and breath taking film about an orphan boy who goes through a series of problems that occur and creates a life changing adventure of Hugo(orphan) and Isabelle, the adopted child of a toy maker, join them as they go through a series of event . they will uncover secrets that shouldn’t have never have been discovered. Hugo has many traits in this novel that he shares with in this motion picture the following will be a couple of examples. He is the main character and is the protagonist.

Hugo is resourceful because he has been able to keep up with the clocks by sneaking around and going through the vents to get to clocks. Hugo sneaks around so he won’t get caught by anyone at the station. If Hugo does get caught, especially by the police or the station inspector he will become an orphan like he already is but in an unlikely mannered facility. Another way Hugo shows resourcefulness is how he gets food. The way Hugo gets his food is a rather weird way because in 1930s one doesn’t usually hear of another stealing food especially a child at that.

He goes around by the cafes and restaurant (usually when people won’t see him) and he takes croissants and other good thing to eat goes home afterwards he goes home to eat it. An additional trait that Hugo shares in both the movie and book is secretive, sneaky and less guarded. Hugo is a dynamic character because, and he goes from point A to point B in the story, personality and shows character development throughout the story. An example of character development is how he was secretive and sneaky in the beginning by sneaking to turn the clocks to the correct time and stealing food to fend for him.

But, then again he is also quit careless or open like a book and fesses-up. I say this because near both the end of this film and novel Hugo eventually must fess-up to the truth, Hugo tells every one the whole picture each of the items is his problems and at the end of the confession he has clean slate or a good background for his canvas. Among visual appearances of Hugo Cabret they’re not many differences between the movie and the book.

For example in the book Hugo wears short pant that wear ripped and tattered ankles. Another thing I noticed in the book when Hugo has his flashback to the time of the fire, and is seen in the picture part of the novel Hugo wears long pants that end towards his the movie depiction of this scene was very brief no to graphic. And the book had detailed and descriptive writing of this scene in Hugo. The way the scene has been depicted is major because in the movie the father left the automata in the building they lived in. s for in the movie Hugo found the automata in the ash of the fire of the museum which was the cause of Hugo’s father’s death and the effect of the fire was he had to live with his uncle. The effect of this leads us back to being resourceful as said above in the second paragraph. The movie shows that the uncle just left time after time and never came, as Hugo tells viewers of this movie, but, in the movie Hugo’s uncle is just gone. Another thing I noticed is hogs uncle isn’t wearing glasses/spectacle.

As for in the book we see his uncle we see but he starts disappearing for longer hour and hours and coming home until his uncle doesn’t come back, now his uncle has been gone for weeks and days. Furthermore his uncle does wear his spectacles/glasses. The uncle was a clock master so he probably wasn’t doing anything too suspicious, well no one knows… unless someone ask the author. Later in the book when Isabelle and Hugo go looking and investigating papa George’s past and the automata they come across a room with a cabinet.

In that cabinet they find a secret opening and when they try to open it Isabelle falls of the chair breaking her leg falling on Hugo breaking his right hands and the box is broken and all of its contents fell all over the floor of room. On the floor there were unbelievable drawings that you would only see in a dream. The scariest most shocking thing is that it was signed by George Melies. The movie was the exact same way the only difference is that Isabelle don’t break her leg but she almost full and she didn’t as for Hugo he was also fine because Isabelle didn’t fall.

George Melies loved these automata, but he lost his money and couldn’t take care of them anymore. So he donated them to a museum, but unfortunately the museum didn’t take care of them and they were destroyed and thrown away. Then a boy named Hugo finds one of those broken machines in the garbage and at that moment Hugo Cabret was born in to the book. Regrettably Hugo’s father died in a fire at the museum (his father use to work at the museum) and Hugo’s uncle took him to live with him. His uncle was the clockmaker at the Paris train station.

It was his job to keep all the clocks in the station organized smoothly. It wasn’t long before Hugo’s uncle was leaving Hugo alone to do most of the work that needed to be done on a daily basis. When Hugo’s uncle did not come home at all for several days Hugo unmoved, decided to run away. He did not get far though. He ended up at the burned out shell of the museum where his father had died, and in the ruins he discovered the clockwork automaton. Before he quite knew what he was doing Hugo took the automaton and carried it back to the petite room in which he had been living in the Paris train station.

Madame Melies is also a big parting n the secret of the automata because she was one of the actresses in George Melies’s movies the economy was bad after WWII (World War 2) he got rids of all of his movies. Mama Jean (a. k. a. Madame Melies) helps him accomplish his goals, destroying and forgetting his past “LIFE”. Isabelle has the third bigger part in the movie and book because in both she had the key to make the automata so it would work so if wasn’t for Mama Jean and Isabelle this automata would never be working.

I say Mama Jean because she had the neck less in her possession givento her by her husband the maker of the automata, George Melies. The least but kind of important the station inspector, he’s not to related/connected or apart of to the automata thing because he was the cause of Hugo falling onto the track but, he then saved him from the train that was about to squash him like a pancake. He also was the cause why Hugo was took in by George Melies (a. k. a. Papa George) which is one of the good things why he’s in the book.

In this amazing and breath taking film about an orphan boy who goes through a series of problems that occur and creates a life changing adventure of Hugo(orphan) and Isabelle, , join them as they go through a series of event . they will uncover secrets that shouldn’t have never have been discovered. The amazing and breath taking comparison of an orphan boy who find his part in the great machine called earth that has no extra part. through a series of problems that occur and creates a life changing adventure for Hugo(orphan) and Isabelle ( adopted child of a toy maker). Know that you know their secret make sure you don’t tell anyone..

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