The Goddess

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Nick Joaquin
author of The Goddess; novelist, playwright, poet, historian, biographer, and journalist
Nicomedes Marquez Joaquin
full name of Nick Joaquin
Quijano de Manila
pen name of Nick Joaquin
third, first
Nick Joaquin is considered the _____ most important Filipino writer and _____ in the English language
Jose Rizal
the writer whom Nick Joaquin deeply admired
National Artist of the Philippines for Literature
the highest national recognition given to Filipino artists like Nick Joaquin who have made significant contributions to the cultural heritage of the country
Cave and Shadows
one of two novels of Nick Joaquin that contains The Goddess
The Woman Who Had Two Navels
first novel by Nick Joaquin published 22 years earlier than Cave and Shadows
Don Juan de Salcedo
conquistador of Luzon lands from Ilocos to Bikol
Princess Kandarapa
niece of Lakan Dula and love interest of Don Juan de Salcedo
Don Felipe Cepeda
Salcedo’s aid who claimed to write a “veridical history” of the conquistador’s romance, then living in retirement in Acapulco
Father Jose Ibañez
Jesuit from Catalonia who came upon a copy of Cepeda’s folio and wrote about it
full moon
in the sky when Salcedo first saw the goddess frolicking with her servants
touch of sun
what many, including Legazpi, thought Salcedo had after he saw the goddess
Don Miguel de Legazpi
Governor of the colony and Salcedo’s grandfather
Rajah Lakandula (Lakan Dula)
Lakan of the pre-colonial Philippine Kingdom of Tondo when the Spaniards first conquered the lands of the Pasig River delta
Rajah Soliman (Sulayman)
Muslim King of Maynila, a kingdom at the mouth of the Pasig River where it meets Manila Bay
Rajah Matanda
King of Pasig and predecessor of Rajah Soliman as ruler in Manila
Fray Isodoro Sanchon
examined paganism through scientific methods and conjectures
northern highlands, Cagayan Valley, Central Plain, Bataan peninsula, Laguna de Ba’i
five regions where Fray Sanchon based his research

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