The Dilemma of Piccolo’s Pizza

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The Dilemma of Piccolo’s Pizza

            The Pizza Mystery is another compelling adventure involving the Alden children. The Alden children are four orphans who possess a knack for mysterious adventures. Henry, who is the eldest of the kids is eventually the most responsible but in the series, he went away for college. Jessie is the one who takes care of her siblings by cooking for them. If there’s someone who’s really sensitive among the Aldens, it is Violet who is the third child. She has great abilities in sewing and painting. Benny is the youngest Alden. Despite their state of being orphans, he Aldens are indeed very blessed for they have a wealthy grandfather named James Henry who’s very much willing to support and accompany them with their adventures.

            Once again, the children find themselves trapped in another mystery. As the story unfolds, they were informed that the well-loved pizza parlor, Piccolo’s Pizza is in deep trouble because of unfigured turmoils. The pizza parlor is also the favorite place of the children, that’s why they’ve decided to help in solving the case.  They should’ve been on a long trip, but

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on their way, they meet the factory manager of The Mighty Mufflers, Maxwell Irons. They were hinted that the pizza place was at the verge of bankruptcy. When they arrive at the place, they saw that the Piccolo’s oven which is used for making pizzas isn’t functioning well. The gasoline that’s used to fuel the oven has also been messed up. Along with those problems, two of the pizza parlor’s employees left. Those problems are the reasons why Piccolos sometimes do not open up at all. The children decide to give their time to help Mr. And Mrs. Piccolo solve their parlor’s great dilemma. They think that everything wil be fine but then again, someone has caused a huge blackout. Still, it never stopped the loyal Aldens from wanting to save their favorite pizza parlor.

            They found out that there’s an insecure and pizza-hating individual who’s the cause of all the problems the Piccolo’s Pizza is facing. The children gather clues to solve who’s the individual that’s lurking behind the pizza parlor’s gradual downfall. While they investigate, they also learned how to create little pizzas to satisfy the customers. They keep making little pizzas which made everyone happy and contented. The story joyously ended with the oven being fixed and Piccolo’s Pizza back in busines again.

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