The Diary of a Young Girl Reflection Paper Essay Example
The Diary of a Young Girl Reflection Paper Essay Example

The Diary of a Young Girl Reflection Paper Essay Example

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  • Published: September 29, 2017
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Everyone of us has its character that either being suppressed or maintain in the deepest clutter of ourselves. For a immature miss like Anne Frank. authorship and sharing the highlighted events in her life during their safety in the “Secret Annex” located behind a shelf of books in Mr. Otto Frank’s office. Anne’s male parent. has obviously showcased the hurt. yearning. hungriness. torment. gaiety. love. melancholy and other related nouns to depict what they went through.

Could you merely conceive of how complicated it was concealing to a sneak topographic point with all the panic if of all time be flaunted and revealed. they’ll be one of those Hebrews who are under flagitious agonies? And this thing. resounded for more than two old ages. The endurance of the two household. the Frank’s and the new wave Daan’s plus M


r. Dussel who undeniably forged plentifulness of bravery to maintain themselves alive and trusting that at the terminal of the World War II they would still be alive and will be back from what routines they had before.

There were besides people who were assisting them to hold their demands in despite of being fleeting. Furthermore. Anne being a turning stripling had besides a developing matter towards Peter. the boy of the new wave Daan’s who magnified her world searching for love. Nonetheless. Anne’s desperation in footings of her female parent was besides expressed in her journal.

The entireness of the narrative of a immature stripling miss who is cheerful. clever. pedant. and all kinds of description has an impact to every reader of her diary. It was written with honestness and that she has the clever workmanship in footing

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of authorship. I admire her at that immature age ; she was able to read a batch of books that is why she has a wider appreciation of understanding humanity. If merely she had survived. so there is no uncertainty that she could hold been a celebrated author or journalist like William Gibson. Earnest Hemmingway. Charles Dickens and the similar. Though the effect is more rewarding– her diary being translated in many linguistic communications and is really well-known in states over the Earth.

Now to dissect Anne being a thriving teenage miss who found turning back from her childhood clip stepping frontward to adulthood. I presume that this would non wholly expound but I would seek to encapsulate the foremost comments I have observed. Anne as a girl. We could see from her written diaries how was she being a girl. Particularly to her ma as if there was a spread between them.

The job with Anne was that she is less detached and cold to her ma. She thought that her ma would non of all time understand her. She longs for a female parent who is comprehendible plenty to accept her absurdity and personality. With so much asphyxiation of this thought. she failed to see the goodness of her ma. That is why. to the point of being distressed that with her attitude. even his male parent and sister Margot. she could non at least confide to them. Anne was all idealistic of a female parent that in extent her female parent can’t truly portray to her. In her instance. it is likely a scenario of a kid being abandoned by her female parent and

went to abroad for a life. OFW kids have a worse instance in footings of being deprived of existent parent-and-child interaction. They merely simply live in a practical being of relationship to their parents.

But due to the aid of engineering presents. the spread has been resolved and a much deeper relationship between can be cultivated. But non all OFW kids have the same alternate type of get the better ofing long distance relationship. Because even I could asseverate a personal experience out of this. Though the modernisation has taken topographic point. I could non still exert a booming relationship towards my ma. It has been old ages like this but I am really used to this sort of relationship to my ma. Sometimes. fortunes can strike hard us down and we can’t afford to make something because it is prerogative still to follow with what is presently go oning.

If I am to set myself to Anne Frank’s state of affairs. it could be much hurtful and intolerable. They’re life in a individual roof without any freedom of spread in footings of communicating but they pass by the existent disproportion. In contrary to my state of affairs. that there is this factor which causes a similar or most likely. or no merely but related scenario with Anne—lil spread with my female parent due to insatiate communicating. Anne as a sister. With few interpolations of her sister. Margot. I could merely hardly see an ample grade of tenderness with her. But they both coincide of their passion in authorship and reading books. They are misss whose acuteness can be seen easy.

What I want most with their conversation

was when Anne ironically complained to Mr. Dussel who was to a great extent saw wooding while kiping. Then Margot asked her sister what would she take to hear Mr. Dussel saw wooding or panting the air? That’s something I laughed about. I like how Margot thinks so brainsick but she has the point. Precisely! Anne as a lover. Though still immature. she had this matter with Peter.

I went spot chapped with her uncovering narratives in her journals. She must hold been earnestly in love with Peter! It was all merriment reading the pages. I therefore suppose that when you’re in love you tend to be person who is more animalistic. Bing a lover to Peter is a contemplation of the true side of Anne who is caring and assuring. Though. she was known to be a cockamamie child but when she realized that she was falling in love with this cat. she refined herself and adulthood has restrained. I wonder why how this sort of “love” manifests.

I ne'er attempted to prosecute with such romantic relationship that is why. with spot awkwardness. I admit I lack to associate myself from Anne’s state of affairs. But. this would non restrict me to wholly understand the happening of “love” I had already conceived the thought of “love” but I can non truly hammer to grok it with virtuousness of experience at this clip. Well. traveling back to Anne. Since she had her period. I observed that she became witting of herself and as clip went by fell in love with this soft-spoken adult male. Peter.

Furthermore. I saw the emptiness of Anne that she could non confide her

feelings to anyone else except for Kitty ( her journal ) . She was hankering to hold person to speak to until the thought of fantasying Peter aroused. She had an unprompted attack and if I am to size up those minutes she had with Peter. I think she was still immature to prosecute with such activities suited for more mature twosomes. But of class we are unfastened with the thought that their civilization differs from our set of perceptual experience sing those private interaction between adult male and adult female.

Her infatuation besides with Peter had yielded into a desire of being comprehended for who she is and at the same clip desiring to assist in return. She had besides developed her understanding into more serious sort of conversation like those of gender and pleasance. Hence. we could truly asseverate that adulthood has molded her new character into a better individual with much mind and unfastened head.

Anne as a housemate. Though there were misinterpretations between the characters presented. they had still instilled a good relationship to one another. I admire Anne for being spirited and holding concern to the people around her particularly when menaces were dismaying them severely. I remember the celebrated line of Winston Churchill which was considered as the shortest graduation message of a invitee talker and that was “never. ne'er. ne'er. ne'er give up”—likewise to what Anne’s apparent look of comforting her housemates.

Well if I had besides experienced the same thing. merely simply worrying what will go on next to me will finally kill me in depression. But I believe. with their upheld strong beliefs they were able to excel and

beef up themselves to maintain traveling and survive. Anne as a Jew. Since Jews were under the enchantment of imprisonment by the Germans you could hardly see how their individuality being Jews had earnestly been humiliated and despised.

So I was reading the book. I was anticipating that Anne being a girl of devoted Jews should be good encompassed with religion. Yes she possessed the religion but it seemed to be non plenty. She was easy tempered and frequently ill-mannered and cold. I besides observed that she had written less about the activities that the household have during fasting. worshiping and so on. if they had. She besides has that impulse over Peter and her imaginativenesss were wild and freakin’ . But at some point still. she had embodied her character being a Judaic like she pointed out in her journal “Who has inflicted this on us? Who has set us apart from all the remainder? Who has put us through such agony?

It’s God who has made us the manner we are. but it’s besides God who will raise us up once more. In the eyes of the Lord. we’re doomed. but if. after all this agony. there are still Jews left. the Judaic people will be held up as an illustration. Who knows. possibly our faith will learn the universe and all the people in it about goodness. and that’s the ground. the lone ground. we have to endure. We can ne'er be merely Dutch or English. or whatever. we will ever be Jews every bit good. And we’ll have to maintain being Jews. but so. we’ll want to be. ” Anne as a author

and pedant.

I admire how she has been hailed with the involvement towards reading books therefore there is no uncertainty that she had developed her writing expertness. As those profound authors would ever state that through reading you will be able to rush your accomplishments in authorship. and that is exactly true. I wonder if my involvement in footings of authorship had developed during my childhood I should hold the advantages and able to compose good articles. But. I have merely seen the beauty of news media manner back in high school which is in contrary in the instance of Anne that since she was a kid she has been exposed already to novels. prose. and other related books.

She even aspires to go a author stating “When I write I can agitate all off my attentions. My sorrow disappears. my liquors are revived! But. and that’s a large inquiry. will I of all time be able to compose something great. will I of all time become a journalist or a author? ” If she merely knew how favourable I am with her manner.

But as what Socrates said that being knowing is acknowledging that you are nescient. likely what makes her applaudable is that she don’t precisely knows how far her potencies exceed the step of averageness in footings of authorship and logical thinking every bit good. I perfectly like her composings together with Margot. the verse form for her father’s birthday and her short narrative.

They even had exchange letters and in which manner it alleviates the fright of waking up tomorrow without certainty of security from the Germans. Anne was besides cognizant of the current events

through the wireless which makes it thwart for a immature miss to wish such materials. But because it has been injected to their heads to be ever aware of the current occurrences so that they would cognize what to make and how long will they digest from concealing. So it happened to be like that.

Now the entireness of the journal has an deduction of humanity. uncovering echt history of assorted emotions and state of affairss. In one manner or the other. it will ever hold a related narrative which we can extract from ourselves. I am chew overing now if I would make the same journals like Anne. it will be a critical avenue of venting out personal esthesiss. The book is something commendable which moves the rational and irrational portion of our psyche. Anne Frank! It’s my pleasance to cognize you someway!

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