The Diary of a Young Girl Reflection Paper Essay Example
The Diary of a Young Girl Reflection Paper Essay Example

The Diary of a Young Girl Reflection Paper Essay Example

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  • Published: September 29, 2017
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Anne Frank, a young girl, made the choice to document and share the significant events that occurred while she and others were hiding in the "Secret Annex" behind a bookshelf. Through her writing, Anne's father depicted various emotions such as pain, yearning, hunger, torment, joy, love, melancholy, and more. It is difficult to fathom the complexities of living in constant fear of being exposed and enduring the same fate as other Jews during that time period. This terrifying existence lasted for over two years. The Frank and van Daan families along with Mr. Dussel displayed great courage as they struggled to survive and hoped for safety after World War II concluded. Despite the ongoing threat of capture, they relied on assistance from others. As Anne grew older, she developed feelings for Peter van Daan and sought love and companions


hip from him while also expressing her longing for her mother through her journal entries. Anne's diary provides a detailed account of an intelligent and cheerful young girl who was meticulous in all aspects of life. The impact of each description in Anne's diary is evident to every reader who engages with it; her writing showcases both honesty and clever craftsmanship that I deeply admire. What impresses me most is her remarkable ability to read numerous books at such a young age which ultimately led to a profound understanding of humanityThe diary of Anne could have brought her the same fame as renowned authors like William Gibson, Ernest Hemingway, and Charles Dickens if she had survived. However, its true reward lies in its translation into multiple languages and gaining immense popularity worldwide. The diary entries clearly depict

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Anne's journey from childhood to adulthood, particularly highlighting her struggles as a girl and her complicated relationship with her mother. She felt disconnected from her mother and believed that she would never truly understand her. Anne longed for a mother who could comprehend and accept her unique qualities and personality traits. Unfortunately, she failed to see the goodness in her own mother, causing distress and preventing herself from confiding even in her father and sister Margot. It seems that Anne held an idealistic view of motherhood that was not fully understood by her own mom. Perhaps she felt abandoned by her mother, left to live abroad on her own. Similarly, children of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) face an even more challenging situation where they lack real parent-child interaction due to physical distance but rely on virtual relationships with their parents instead. Advancements in technology have thankfully closed the gap between OFW parents and their children, allowing for deeper connections to be formed. However, some OFW children still struggle with the challenges of long-distance relationshipsDespite the advancements in modern times, I personally still struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with my mother. Over time, I have become accustomed to this dynamic. Sometimes circumstances prevent us from taking action and we must prioritize the current situation. Comparing my experience to Anne Frank's, it is evident that hers was far more painful and unbearable. While we both face a communication gap with our mothers, Anne's situation was even more restrictive as she lived under one roof without the freedom to openly communicate.

It is worth mentioning that Anne had a sister named Margot who shared her love for writing

and reading books. Both girls were intelligent and sharp-minded. A memorable conversation between them involved Anne playfully complaining about Mr. Dussel's loud snoring while sleeping, leading Margot to ask if she would prefer hearing him snore or pant instead. This unconventional thinking made me laugh as Margot had a valid point.

As I read through Anne's journals, it became clear that despite her young age, she developed romantic feelings for Peter which greatly intrigued me. The text delves into how Anne's love for Peter brought out a deeper side of her character. Despite being seen as foolish in the past, Anne exhibited her caring and nurturing nature while in a relationship with him. As she acknowledged her emotions, she grew more mature and composed.
The narrator is intrigued by this type of love as they have never experienced it themselves. They struggle to relate but also feel a desire to distance themselves from it. The text describes the observations made by the narrator regarding Anne's journey with love. They had pondered love before but couldn't fully comprehend it without firsthand experience. After starting her menstrual cycle, Anne becomes more self-aware and gradually falls in love with Peter, who is described as kind. Throughout this process, Anne solely confides in her journal named Kitty because she longs for someone to talk to. This leads to an impulsive attraction towards Peter. The narrator believes that Anne may be too young for certain activities associated with mature couples, but acknowledges cultural differences can influence these perceptions. Alongside her infatuation with Peter, Anne also develops a strong desire to be understood and help others. Furthermore, Anne demonstrates personal growth and maturity

by engaging in meaningful discussions on topics such as gender and pleasure. This illustrates her transformation into a more open-minded individual. Additionally, despite some misunderstandings among the characters, Anne's maturity has played a significant role in shaping her into a better person.Despite facing daunting challenges, they managed to maintain a strong relationship.I deeply admire Anne for her passionate nature and genuine concern for those around her, particularly during difficult timesThis brought to mind a well-known graduation message by Winston Churchill: "'''er give up" - a sentiment that Anne seemed to embody as she comforted her housemates. If I were faced with the same situation, I would likely feel overwhelmed by worry and despair. However, their unwavering beliefs empowered them to thrive and persevere through adversity. Anne, who was Jewish, endured the humiliation and hatred inflicted upon her by the Germans. While I expected Anne's strong devotion to her religion to be evident throughout the book, it seemed insufficient. She had faith but lacked temperance, often being rude and distant. Her writings about family activities during religious practices were minimal. Additionally, she developed an intense infatuation with Peter and had wild and erratic imaginings.

Despite these flaws, she still embodied her Jewish identity as seen in her journal question: "Who is responsible for our suffering? Who has isolated us from others?" It is God who has shaped us as we are, yet it is also God who will uplift us once again. In God's eyes, we may be judged; however, if any Jews survive this ordeal, they will serve as exemplary models. Our faith can educate the world about goodness and provide us with a purpose to

endure. We can never solely identify as Dutch or English; our essence will always remain Jewish.

As both a writer and scholar, Anne values the importance of reading books since it enhances one's writing skills.
She ponders whether her childhood fascination with writing could have given her an advantage and made her a skilled writer herself. However, unlike Anne who grew up surrounded by novels and related literature, she only discovered the allure of journalism during high school. Anne aspires to be a writer because writing eases her worries and uplifts her spirits. She wonders if she will achieve greatness in journalism or writing, unaware of how much I admire her unique style. Socrates' wisdom about true knowledge resonates here - Anne's admirable quality lies in her humble recognition of her exceptional abilities in writing and logical thinking. I thoroughly enjoy reading her compositions, especially the poem dedicated to her father's birthday and her short story. The exchange of letters between us brings comfort amidst the fear of German persecution tomorrow. Despite frustrations over limited access to current events through the radio, Anne Frank understands the importance of staying informed while in hiding, enabling informed decision-making. This is how circumstances unfolded for us. Her journal holds a human element that reveals the authentic history behind various emotions and situations. There is always a relatable story within it that personally connects with readers. Considering creating journals similar to Anne's as an outlet for my own emotions has now become something I am considering seriously. The impact of Anne's remarkable book goes beyond rationality;Dear Anne Frank, I am pleased to have acquired some information about you. It also deeply

impacts our irrational thoughts and feelings.

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