Narrative Report Girl Scout Essay Example
Narrative Report Girl Scout Essay Example

Narrative Report Girl Scout Essay Example

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  • Published: August 17, 2017
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The Girls Scout of the Philippines Visayas Regional Junior. Senior and Cadet Encampment was held at Marina Yulo-Vargas Regional Program and Training Center or Normally known as Camp Marina. Located at Capitol Hills. Cebu City last October 22-27. 2014.

GSP is so a labour of love. forfeits and dedication of the combined attempt of rovers. grownup leaders. school disposal and the council for the intent of the followers:

1. Geting new larning experience with the chance to develop sel-stem. assurance. creativeness and life accomplishments.
2. Discover and heighten their full potency and learn to associate with other misss in cantonment.
3. Acquire cognition and accomplishments on first assistance and exigency readiness with the chance to react existent state of affairs that require them to utilize basic human endurance accomplishments.
4. Stimulate existent enjoyment and grasp of the outdoorss through varied and interesting activiti


es offered during the campsite.

Southern Leyte Council registered 16 senior miss lookout and 5 grownup leaders headed by one council executive Marlita D. Corollo. The campers must be physical tantrum ; must hold earned at least one badge each under the challenge of environment. readiness. Humanistic disciplines. eco-self-sufficiency. Heritage and Citizenship ; and she must attended a troop/patrol camp/ provincial cantonment prior to this campsite. The encampment screens six ( 6 ) yearss of remaining under the wood. kiping on the collapsible shelter with series of challenges and activities everyday.



The cardinal staff welcomes the delegates and gives waies on how the campers could make their sub-camps. Each sub-camps manager ushers and directs the campers under her legal power to make our several country.

Markers are used to denominate

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the country for each deputation. Southern Leyte Council belongs to sub-camp Milagros together with Ilo-ilo. Negros Oriental and Northern Samar. Each council was responsible for doing our country comfy. We were put up collapsible shelters. appliances as portion of the layout. We put some caption at the entryway of our country to place the council we belong. Everyone were assisting each other and do the undertaking good in constructing our collapsible shelter and doing our country accommodating and comfy.

The caput of the Southern Leyte Council were registering the misss with the secretariat. After enrollment the campers proceed to our country for the tiffin.

Medical re-check shall be done on the first twenty-four hours afternoon. The grownup leaders were lead the campers to the infirmary country and show their Health Examination Forms to the Camp Physician upon scrutiny to do certain that the campers were physically fit for the series of challenges and activities.

The orientation was given by the cardinal staff. The inside informations about the plan of activities. nutrient services. adjustment. direction and other services every bit good as the cantonment mechanics were exhaustively explained by the staff in that orientation. The campers were feel free to inquire inquiries if they were need farther elucidation on certain affairs.



At 7:30 AM the campers were in the evidences for the dry run of the gap ceremonial. because they were organizing 50 which represent 50 twelvemonth day of remembrance of Camp Marina. At 9:00 AM the campers were in the existent country have oning their type A uniform for the Opening Ceremony. The cardinal staff was sitting on the phase together with

the invitee talker while the rovers and the grownup leaders were on the land organizing 50. Each council was required to present their troop in the signifier of cry. The ceremonial was ended at 12:00 midday.

The first activity was all about Emergency Preparedness. It was held at the disposal edifice. They were teach us on what to make during exigency. what are the things to fix before the typhoon and other catastrophes come. After the treatment. we were making the drill.


After taking our supper we proceed instantly on the covered tribunal for the Council Extravaganza. Each council are required to show one presentation. For the Southern Leyte Council. a modern dance figure were presented headed by the Dulfo twin sister.

DAY 3 OCTOBER 24. 2014 ( FRIDAY )

At precisely eight o’clock we were already at the covered tribunal because the misss were really aroused to make the activity no. 2 which was all about dance hall dance. The first move that the dance teacher taught us was the chacha. following in line was boggie. followed by zumba. That clip I think. we were burn 1000 Calories. fats and lipoids because of so many workout suits comes out from our organic structure and so much merriment.


Activity no. 3 was the handcraft. At the dorsum of the National Equipment Services ( NES ) edifice is a little auditorium. where the handcraft activity was held. Each miss were given a undertaking to do any accoutrements utilizing the given accoutrements paraphernalia. Most of our misss make watchbands and some of them make necklace.


The most anticipated portion of the encampment is the campfire. Everybody was gathered in forepart of the covered

tribunal to witness the campfire. Every sub-camp were required tp nowadays a dance figure which represent the civilization and tradition of the topographic point where they belong. The sub-camp 1 nowadays a sinulog dance festival. the sub-camp 2 were present an ati-atihan festival and the bomber cantonment 3 where we belong nowadayss dinagyang festival. The misss from So. Leyte council have oning a type B uniform with malong. barefooted joined the dinagyang festival together with Ilo-ilo and the remainder of the members of the sub-camp. The fire was lighted by the Regional Executive Director Mrs. Aida Saromines together with Mrs Ruth T. Jarantilla the Regional Vice Chairperson.



Right after the breakfast of the misss they were returns to the top of the hill to execute the activity no. 4 which was all about mural picture. Southern Leyte was represented by Anna Henli and our really ain Daphne Doris Jacka to make the mural picture while the other misss were the helpers and perceiver of their picture. The whole forenoon was non plenty to make the undertaking. The two were traveling down to take their tiffin.


After eating. the two were travel back to work instantly. but problem were happen because one of the miss from Maasin City change the work of Anna and Daphne wholly while they were taking their tiffin in the collapsible shelter. this made the whole council shocked. Tears was falling down on the face of the two because many people were admired the work of Anna and Daphne but all of a sudden it was change by Inna. Until such clip that the allotted clip for

mural picture was up. so they do non hold a opportunity to alter it back. Sadness… . . sadness… . sadness… . occur in the cantonment.

At 5:00 o’clock we were traveling once more to the top to go to the Holy mass which was an awaited Sunday mass.


Inter-camp Visit was the event for that dark but the misss are seems non interested any longer due to the problem that had happen in that afternoon. The grownup leaders were encourages the misss to nevermind that problem because that was portion of turning up and still make the undertaking and execute it good.

DAY 5 OCTOBER 26. 2014 ( SUNDAY )

Equally early as five thirty our misss were ready for the lookouts own. It is a grave ceremonial for the Girl Scout. Right after the ceremonial. we were took our breakfast instantly because we were excited for the circuit which was the last activity of the campsite. Before seven o’clock we were on the top of the hill waiting for the coach to take us a drive for the circuit.

We were go throughing by the Cebu Capitol and Pari-an. The first topographic point that we visit was the Fort San Pedro. normally known as “Plaza Independencia” Then the following halt was Sto. Nino de Cebu. so traveling to the South to see the Chapel of Pedro Calungsod. and the last was the rolling around the Ayala Center of Cebu.

While touring ourselves. everybody were so much merriment. enjoyed and busy on taking pictures……… . Click……click……click… . .


Back to the cantonment at about 1 o’clock. and take our tiffin from Jollibee. Chicken joy…… hhhmmm… yummy…… .
At two o’clock the shutting

ceremonial was done…… . Then place Sweet home… .

Joining the Visayas Regional Junior. Senior and Cadet Encampment was so antic and amazing experience which we will ne'er bury everlastingly. Through this memorable experience we were grow towards a responsible miss lookout and go a better individual and a good leader soon……

It is so a labour of love. forfeit and dedication.

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