The Conflict Between Ulysses and Neptune in Homer’s “Odyssey”

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The work Odyssey has ever been highly interesting to me. I have seen many films based on the narrative and have been fascinated with the struggles between worlds and Gods. In my essay I discuss the struggle between Ulysses and Neptune. by indicating out the latter is Ulysses chief adversary. I love the fact that Ulysses is a really epic character and there is plentifulness of grounds about this in the work. Neptune is like the bad cat in the narrative and Homer had created a dark vibration around him. While composing this paper I discovered that I can believe creatively and enjoyed it a batch. When I started merely jotting down my ideas I couldn’t stop. It was acquiring more and more interesting to happen more grounds that support chief thesis.

While reading over and over some certain parts of Odyssey I found out that all characters are saturated with a batch of qualities that have a deeper significance. Even though at first Neptune seemed right for the retaliation for his boy. bit by bit I discovered that he could non be compared as a male parent to Ulysses. When comparing Gods with worlds it is necessary to believe that Gods are frequently two faced and really selfish. The easy portion for me when composing this essay was to compose the thesis and figure out the chief points I am traveling to be speaking about.

My ideas were booming in this subject and I enjoyed it a batch. The difficult portion was to happen everything that was said about Neptune. Even though his function is important in the work. he did non look many times in it. I was looking for a duologue between the two characters but did non happen it. I wanted to happen out more about Neptune’s personality and life but Homer did non concentrate on him at all. The portion that I struggled the most was the decision. It seemed to me that I said everything I wanted and I merely could calculate out the best manner to sum up my essay. I besides struggled with the right word pick and the sentence construction.

The Conflict between Ulysses and Neptune in Homer’s “Odyssey”

“Odyssey” is a narrative about the hero Ulysses in times without war and his full of obstructions journey back place to his household. The narrative is possible because of Ulysses antagonist God Neptune. who holds a score against him and creates impossible state of affairss that Ulysses overcomes and eventually arrives place. The secret plan absolutely fits into the heroic poem theoretical account because it is about a hero of important importance to the Grecian state who possesses extraordinary qualities and goes against an disdainful God and wins. Ulysses is the male monarch of Ithaca. who gets lost in his manner back place after the autumn of Troy. In his escapade on the island of the Cyclops he blinds Polyphemus. who is one of Neptune’s kids. Neptune. God of the sea. becomes angry and wants to kill Ulysses. But the Gods forbid him to make that because Ulysses is a hero and he needs to travel back place to Ithaca. So Neptune swears “he shall hold plentifulness of adversity yet before he has done with it” ( Homer 37 ) . And the sea God turns the Phaikians boat into rock and sends storm to bust up Ulysses ship and raft. Even though Ulysses has a strong unpredictable God against him. he is determined to acquire back place to his household.

And here begins the struggle. Minerva. the goddess that is on Ulysses site. says to him: “Who could excel you in all mode of trade even though you had a God for you antagonist” ( Homer 66 ) . Ulysses and Neptune are two wholly different characters. Ulysses is beloved by the Gods and by his people. He is the hero from the Trojan War. He is a male parent and a hubby. and this where he draws his extraordinary qualities from. Neptune is a Moody evil God that ever seeks an enemy. Even though his says his retaliation is for his boy. the reader can non easy conceive of him as a male parent figure following to Ulysses. Neptune has several kids from different female parents and he has abandoned the Cyclops on the island. Ulysses values his household. whereas Neptune’s nature is hawkish and he uses the opportunity to support his reverent place and demo off his Olympic powers. The struggle between Ulysses and Neptune is epic because it shows an impossible neutralization.

Normal people are non supposed to travel against Gods because they inevitable are traveling to lose. But in “Odyssey” Ulysses has the Gods on his site – “This is how we have settled that he shall return to his state and his friends” ( Homer 34 ) . And one peculiar goddess is assisting him with all she can – Minerva’s bosom bleeds for Ulysses. when she thinks of his agonies ( Homer 4 ) . Supreme beings are assisting Ulysses and turn him into a hero. Ulysses hero position would be impossible without the Gods. He is in an uneven conflict. But his gallantry during the Trojan War and his strong character and dedication towards his household win many friends. Ulysses might non hold any supernal powers to contend Neptune. but he has extraordinary human qualities that distinguish him from any other adult male. These qualities make him an heroic poem hero.

Another ground why this struggle is epic is that it is between the good and the bad characters. Ulysses is non merely god’s favourite. the worlds love him excessively. Menelaus speaks with great words about him – “What endurance excessively. and what bravery he displayed within the wooden horse” ( Homer 25 ) . Ulysses boy Telemachus has put his male parent on base ; he calls him a “father of every one of you” in forepart of the suers. God Neptune still holds a score against Ulysses even after 7 old ages on the Calypso’s island and this makes him the bad one.

Readers love struggles between good and evil and see them epic because the good ever wins. even though it looks a batch weaker at in the beginning. Ulysses is the great hero of “Odyssey” that possesses extraordinary human qualities that help him get the better of many obstructions. Neptune is Ulysses adversary and their struggle makes the narrative possible. Both characters represent two antonyms and demo strong personalities. The struggle between the two characters holds the whole piece together and creates an bing secret plan saturated with good and bad heroes and their neutralizations. At the terminal the good wins and this makes the narrative heroic poem.

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