The Catcher in the Rye Chapters 1-4

Holden Caulfield
Who is the narrator of the novel?

A therapy home
Where is Caulfield as he narrates the novel?

It would hurt his parent’s feelings
Why does the narrator not want to talk about his childhood?

What is Caulfield’s brother’s occupation.

The Secret Goldfish
What is the name of the book of short stories that Caulfield’s brother wrote?

Pency Prep
What school did Caulfield attend?

He flunked four academic classes
Why was the narrator kicked out of Pency Prep?

He got back from a fencing meet
Why does Holden not go to the football game?

The Fencing Team Manager
What role does Caulfield play in the athletic department of Pency Prep?

The high tuition
According to Caulfield, why were there a lot of crooks at Pency Prep?

Caulfield let all the equipment on a New York subway
Why did the fencing team return to the campus so quickly.

New York
Where did the fencing team go to for their meet?

Mr. Spencer
When Caulfield return from the fencing incident, who does he go visit?

What subject does Mr. Spencer teach?

Is Caulfield a smoker?

How old are Mr and Mrs. Spencer?

He has a terrible posture and was all stooped over
How does Caulfield describe Mr. Spencer in the beginning of Chapter 2?

They live in separate rooms
What is odd about Mr. and Mrs. Spencer’s home?

The Atlantic Monthly
When Caulfield enters the room, what is Mr. Spencer reading?

Medicine and Pills
What is scattered all over Mr. Spencer’s room?

Life is a game that one plays according to the rules
In a two hour meeting with Dr. Thurner, what does Caulfield learn?

The following Monday
When did Dr. Thurner say he was going to write to Caulfield’s parents?

At the midpoint of chapter 2, has Caulfield communicated with is parents?

How many schools has Caulfield attended including Pency Prep?

How old is Caulfield?

He does not know anything and he knows that
Why did Mr. Spencer flunk Caulfield?

He read Caulfield’s poorly written term paper
What “dirty trick” did Mr. Spencer pull on Caulfield?

Which class is Caulfield not failing in?

New York
Where does Caulfield live when he is not at Pency Prep?

Few but not too many
What does Caulfield say when Mr. Specner asks if he has any doubts of leaving?

Yes but no too much
What does Caulfield say when Mr. Specner asks if he has concerns for his future?

He has to go get equipment from the gym
How does Caulfield end his conversation with Mr. Spencer?

A new upperclassmen dorm
What type of dorm did Caulfield live in?

What grade was Caulfield in?

What grade was Caulfield’s roommate in?

Ossenburger because he gave money to Pencey
Who was the dorm named after? Why?

A student farted
Why did all the student have mandatory study hall after a Ossenburger’s speech?

Out of Africa by Isak Dinesen
What book did Caulfield take from the library by accident?

His brother and Ring Lardner
Who are Caulfield’s favorite authors?

Caulfield’s next door neighbor
Who is Robert Ackley?

He takes too many showers, had a large amount of acne, and unhygenic
What is odd about Robert Ackley?

The subway incident
Why did no one win the fencing meet?

He was always nosy
Why was it impossible to read with Ackley around?

New York for $1
Where did Caulfield get the hat from? How much did he pay for it?

Do Caulfield’s parents know he was kicked out in Chapter 3?

He is at the game with a date.
What does Caulfield say when Ackley asks where Stradlater is?

Stradlater said something offensive to him
Why can’t Ackley stand Stradlater?

Ackley Kid
What phrase irritates Ackley?

His tooth jacket
When Stradlater comes into the room, what does he asks to borrow from Caulfield?

Friendly and phony
How does Caulfield describe Stradlater in chapter 3?

He is going out on a date
Why is Stradlater in a rush?

He shaves twice
What does Stradlater do to get ready?

He has nothing to do
Why does Caulfield watch Stradlater shave?

Slobs, Strandlater is more of a secret slob
What does Caulfield describe Ackley and Stradlater as in their personal habits? What is the difference between the two?

He was madly in love with a female
According to Caulfield, why did Stradlater shave well?

He is very handsome
What is special about Stradlater?

Write a composition for English
What favor does Stradlater asks Caulfield to do?

He always asks people to do favors
Why does Caulfield refer to Stradlater as a “hot shot?”

He has to read 100 pages for History
Why can’t Strandlater write the composition?

Caulfield is flunking out and is asked to do work
What is ironic about the favor?

For no reason
Why does Caulfield decide to tap dance?

He needs to find time to do it. If he does not find time, he will not do it.
What does Caulfield say when he is asked to write the composition?

Puts Stradlater in a wrestling hold
When Caulfield learns the type of women Stradlater is dating, what does he do?

Jane Gallagher
What is the name of Stradlater’s date?

Arrangements failed
Why was Stradlater’s date not Phyllis Smith?

He lived next to Jane
Why is Caulfield happy about Stradlater’s date?

Stradlater just met her
Why is it odd that Caulfield is telling Stradlater things about Jane?

What did Caulfield think about after Stradlater left the room?

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