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The agency created to investigate complaints regarding faulty evidence in a criminal case is?
The texas forensic science commission
The Texas const. and state law grants the Governor the authority to take a person’s life, property and liberty…
Under appropriate circumstances
Disputes concerning business contracts, divorce, family matters and personal injury involve
Civil law
A misdemeanor is?
A less serious charge than a felony
A court that is said to have specific authority to decide a particular type of case has?
Exclusive jurisdiction
The court that requires no qualifications to be a judge is?
A justice of the peace judge
Small claims courts are administered by ?
Justice of the Peace judges
Courts that have exclusive original jurisdiction over slander are
District courts
Texas and Oklahoma are the only states that have divided court systems that deal with
Criminal and civil appeals
The court that is responsible for formulating the rules of civil procedure is
Supreme court
To be a practicing attorney in the state of texas a lawyer
Must be a member of the state bar of texas
The state bar of texas has the authority to
All of the above
In civil cases, little or no free legal assistance is available but in bodily injury cases
Lawyers may be hired on contingency cases
Grand juries in texas are composed of ___ members
The court system has the legal authority to make the rules of civil procedures
These rules cannot conflict with the laws of the state
The injured party in a civil case is called the
A plaintiff
About one third of all law suits are tried by
A judge and jury
A person commits murder according to the texas penal code if
There is evidence of intent to kill or cause serious bodily harm
The minimum sentence for a capital felony is
Life w/o parole
Wrongful imprisonment by the state of texas
Is always a possibility
What scientific development has found that some persons convicted of murder and sentenced didn’t actually commit the crime
DNA testing
The case involving a business contract falls under which branch of law
The term jurisdiction refers to
The types of cases that a court is competent to hear and decide
A party to a civil case who was dissatisfied with the outcome in the trial court could next proceed to a court
Appellate jurisdiction
A court that hears and decided cases tried for the first time has
Original jurisdiction
Law made by judges and based on customs and usage going back several centuries is
Common law
We know that innocent people have been convicted of crimes they did not commit because of an improved
Technology system
A collection of laws relating to the same subject and presented in an organized manner is an
Which one of the following courts in not mentioned in the texas constitution
Municipal courts
The greatest proportion of cases heard in municipal courts involve
Traffic violations
The term court of record means that
A transcript of court proceedings is made by a stenographer
The duty of a coroner is to
Determine the cause of death when a person died outside the presence of competent
Of the judges of local courts, which must be an attorney licensed to practice law in Texas?
county court at law judge
A count court a law is most likely to be created by the legislature
in an urban count where the constitutional count judge cannot handle all of the business coming before his or her court
Not falling under the probate jurisdiction of count courts is
determining the validity of wills of deceased persons
District judges are not removable by
recall election
A vacancy on a district court bench is filled by
gubernatorial appointment
Official misconduct is a misdemeanor offense. Such cases are tried in
district court
A person with no funds whose claims arises from a physical injury
must hire an attorney
The disposition of cases by the courts of appeals is
by majority vote of the justices on the panel hat heard the case
The type of cases appealed directly the Texas court of criminal appeals is
capital felony
The Texas supreme court would not hear an appeal if the case involved
a school bond election
The Texas supreme court
does not fill vacancies
A citizen who believes an attorney has behaved unethically while representing him or her
should go to the state bar
When a case can be heard by only one court, that court is said to have
exclusive jurisdiction
Legal self-help books and interactive computer programs
are less expensive than a lawyer but may not be as relievable
Which of the following is not a Texas constitutional guaranty
jury verdicts in all cases must be unanimous
The instrument that formally accuses a person of having committed a high felony and orders the person
. A district court jury in Texas is
the first twelve members
How many people sit on a jury in Texas
Twelve on grand jury, twelve on district, six on local
Both TDCJ and TYC collect DNA samples of all inmates convicted of a

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