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A belief that government is designed to promote the public good describes the _____ political culture.
Individualistic political culture, which began in the middle states, focuses on government policies that promote:
personal freedom and material wealth
NAFTA established:
free trade between Mexico, the US, and Canada
Population growth in Texas is explained by all of the following EXCEPT:
slavery and indentured servitude
The Texas economy of the 21st century is centered on:
computers, electronics, and other high-tech products
The availability of land grants during the early 19th century in the Gulf Coastal Plains region was responsible for which of the following?
Growth and development of political life in Texas
The cattle industry became big business:
after the US Civil War
The regulation of oil and energy in Texas is performed by:
the Texas Railroad Commission
The term “creative destruction” refers to the process by which:
the capitalist system undergoes periodic waves of transformation caused by new technologies
What is meant by the “Great Recession?”
A time of chronic economic problems beginning in late 2007 that drew analogies to the Great Depression of the 1930s.
What was Stephen F. Austin’s role in the development of Texas?
He worked with the Spanish government to bring American settlers into Texas.
Which city in Texas currently has the largest population?
Which city is located in the Basin and Range Province?
El Paso
Which historic event in state history occurred at Spindletop, TX?
The discovery of oil.
Which of the following has a positive influence on cotton production in Texas?
(All of these are correct)
Which of the following has traditionally dominated the political culture of Texas?
Business interests.
Which of the following helped to undercut provincialism in Texas?
Growing influence of minorities, women, and gays in state politics.
Which of the following is a physical region of Texas?
(All of these are correct)
Who led the Grange and Populist movements of the late 19th century?
Tenant farmers.
_____ is the system, common in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, by which farmers would be lent land and equipment in exchange for part of the profits.

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