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Learning Learning Style
College Study Skills – Flashcards 117 terms
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History of the Americas Learning Learning Style
Chpt 3 – Flashcard 15 terms
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History of the Americas Learning Learning Style Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practice Makes Perfect
College Life Mod. 4 – Flashcards 19 terms
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Learning Style Make The Transition Motivation Regression To The Mean Training And Development
Career Explorations Unit 1 Review and Quiz – Flashcards 56 terms
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Critical Thinking Skills Learning Style Letters Of Recommendation Multiple Choice Question Multiple Intelligence Theory Questions
NBA Acronymic, The Rhyming Technique 967 terms
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Areas For Improvement Beliefs And Principles Career Exploration Decision Making Learning Style Three Times A Week
Career Planning: Desirable Employee Qualities – Flashcards 10 terms
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How can learners best take advantage of their dominant learning style?
Develop personalized study techniques.
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According to the Kolb Inventory of Learning Styles, which of the following is an example of “concrete experience”?
learning from and emphasizing with others
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CH:3- Learning style models concern themselves with the process of learning. Which of the following process descriptions is matched with the correct learning style?
The tactile style employs the process of handling objects to acquire information from them.
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What can be used to measure and describe learning styles?
multiple intelligences inventory, Kolb inventory, myer-briggs type indicator
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Students must do this no matter what their learning style is to be prepared?
Read the textbook .
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What are the three learning styles?
If you decide to learn how to sew by buying a book, then your learning style is likely:
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Which is NOT a factor that contributes to individual learning styles?
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A 20-year-old client reads the nutritional chart and follows it accurately. The nurse also notes that the client understands the need of a balanced diet and its relationship with a quick recovery. Which domain correctly identifies the client’s learning style?
Cognitive domain
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Which of the following is an important component of teaching Lee, an elementary student with ADHD whose learning style is more impulsive than reflective? A.Ensuring that Lee takes prescribed medications every day B.Showing Lee’s parents how to help with homework C.Praising Lee at times when she is focused and attentive D.Scolding Lee when she does not follow clear and limited directions
C.Praising Lee at times when she is focused and attentive A child who has ADHD needs many accommodations and needs to know when she is doing well.
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