PSYC 1030

What are some different methods of studying?
People take in information several ways by listening, reading, watching, and doing.
Four methods:

Students must do this no matter what their learning style is to be prepared?
Read the textbook .

What does the SQ3R stand for?
Review / Recall

What is the fourth R that could be helpful for the SQ3R?

What is the best tips for taking notes in general?
Should write the notes in your own words
Note Main Points
Note an Vocabulary Terms also in own words

Tips for Note Taking when Reading Text
Main Points
Vocabulary terms in own words

Note Taking Tips for During a Lecture
be prepared read material prior to class
recorder for class

What are the different types of test?
Multiple Choice
Subjective Test or Essay Questions

What are the different types of test:
Multi-Choice – come straight from book with answers to choose or true or false
Factual is harder than multi usually specific fact from text
Applied harder than factual .Have to apply into in text
Conceptual – demand you think about idea and concepts
Subjective test and essay question – require to organize , put info in your own words, need to be comfortable and familiar with material.

Name Tips for studying for exams
flash card
write own practice test
pay attention to 1st quiz
talk out loud to study use SQ3R to study notes
Concepts map review chapter summary why review
publisher quiz
instructors helps

What are the steps to writing a paper
Choose Topic
Decide o Thesis
Write Outline
Write Draft
Let it Sit
Write revised Draft

What techniques can be used to improve memory
Peg Word
Method of Loci
Verbal /Rhythimic organization
Put it to Music

What is and outline for a paper and what should it include
Outline is your roadmap to writing your paper

Outline should include
1st paragraph should be the intro
last paragraph should be the conclusion
Middle should be the body

What are study methods
Verbal Methods (see and say)
Visual Methods (Use your eyes)
Auditory Methods ( use your hearing)
Action Methods (Use Movement)

What are some tips for reading your textbooks
Read for learning
Break up your reading sessions
Red, Recite, and review the SQ3R method

What are some tips for taking notes?
Take notes and write information in your own words
Read textbook before class to be prepared
Take notes from textbook before class to have with you while in class

Study for Exam what are some tips ?
Plan ahead of time
Schedule study time giving yourself well more than a week to study for exam
Know what type of questions will be on test
Take care of yourself making sure you get enough rest and eat well

Strategies for Improving Your Memory what are they
linking – when you connect the items through sentences or phrases
Peg-word method -associated images with peg words
The method of loci (lowkee or losi) Roman Room Method
Verbal / Rhythmic ( putting items to music )

Concept Map
organized visual representation of knowledge consisting of concepts and their relationship to other concepts

The copy of someone else’s exact words ( or a close imitation of the words) and presenting them as your own.

A strategy or trick for aiding memory

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