College Study Skills

The purpose of the Discovery Wheel in Becoming a Master Student is to
provide a picture of how you see yourself as a student
Which is true of Gardner’s ideas concerning multiple intelligences?
Each of us has all of the intelligences to some degree.
Goals can be made more effective by
examining them closely to see what they are really about.
The key terms to remember when writing goals are
specific, time, areas, and reflect
The four modes of learning are associated with four questions, including all of the following except
Mode 4: When?
Bloom’s level of thinking include
both a and c
Time is an equal opportunity resource because
Everyone has the same amount of time to spend each week
A way of stopping procrastination is to
delegate tasks
Perceiving and processing include
taking in new experiences
The VAK system incorporates three styles or sensory modes of learning that include
visual, auditory, kinesthetic
Trying to multi-task will more likely lower your ability to complete the tasks efficiently.
Time management activities fall into 2 major categories: making lists and using calendars
Attitudes are powerful because they create behavior.
Being uncomfortable with (or in) a situation is not a normal part of the learning process.
Being uncomfortable with (or in) a situation is not a normal part of the learning process
You should be cautious in sharing your scheduled events with other people, as this can jeopardize your personal online information and security.
If one really wants to achieve a goal it should be translated into specific, concrete behaviors.
To avoid your life becoming to one-sided, goals should be set for a variety of categories.
People who favor processing information by reflective observation prefer to jump in and start doing things immediately.
Certain learning styles may lend themselves to specific study strategies that a student can use to foster success in a course.
The truth about memory is that
the more often you recall information, the easier it is to find it
The best state of mind in which to recall information is to be
A useful memory technique is
creating associations and pictures.
Which of the following is an inaccurate statement regarding the memory technique “recite and repeat”?
Repeat a concept out loud until you know it; then say it five more times.
When you want to remember to do something,
link that activity to another event you know will take place.
The advantage of drawing a picture to help you remember is
you anchor the information in a second part of your brain.
The memory jungle presented in this chapter demonstrates the use of
When you learn something new your brain changes physically.
Emotional attachments, such as finding a topic very important to your success, will help enhance memory.
Using a single memory strategy to remember your lesson not only saves time but allows your brain to save energy and remember better.
Quiz 3
The final phase of Muscle Reading can be assisted by
none of the above.
A technique for staying focused as you read includes
avoiding marathon study sessions by taking short breaks.
When reading at work, it is helpful to read work related material
with a purpose.
When reading is tough,
make several passes through tough reading material.
If you encounter unfamiliar words while reading, it helps to
write the words and their sentences on 3 x 5 cards and look them up.
A strategy for holding a mini-review of a paragraph is to
recite, in your own words, what you have just read.
As part of the preview process, you should
look for familiar concepts, facts, or ideas.
Active readers
think critically about the ideas in what they read.
When reading difficult material, your understanding of it can be improved by
finding and reading another book on the subject, even if that book is intended for younger readers.
When highlighting it is important to
make a decisions about what you want to remember from a text.
Quiz 4
Effective note taking consists of three parts
observing, recording, and reviewing
What is the best way to listen to an instructor’s lecture?
Sitting as close to the front as possible.
When taking a test the best way to begin is to
scan the whole test immediately
Cheating lowers your self-concept because
it sends you the message that you are not smart enough to make it on your own
The Cornell format of note taking consists of
a cue column, a notes section, and a summary.
When taking notes for an online course it is helpful to
write Discovery and Intention Statements to capture key insights.
When answering an essay question it is important to
include part of the question in your answer.
Which of the following might be on a check list prepared well before an exam?
All of these
Mind mapping helps you in the note taking process because it
involves both left brain and right brain functions.
Techniques for overcoming math anxiety include all of the following except
ignoring your mental pictures about math
Over learning material for short answer or completion test is a waste of time and energy.
A study check list is the same thing as a review sheet.
The best time to review your notes is within 24 hours of writing them.
Besides the technical, one of the problems in taking an online course is procrastination.
Because web content usually is free, information from a web source need not be documented as thoroughly as that from print sources and the same concern for plagiarism need not be demonstrated.
Because the effectiveness of a review begins to drop after an hour or so, a good strategy is to plan on giving yourself short rests.
The key to cramming is repetition.
Whether it is writing a term paper or participating in an online course, the Power Process: “I create it all” is all about taking responsibility.
Whether it is writing a term paper or participating in an online course, the Power Process: “I create it all” is all about taking responsibility.
Special strategies can be employed to get the most not taking benefit from an online environment while still managing your time effectively.
Do not waste time on pre-writing in an essay question, as it only slows you down.
test 5
A powerful starting point for critical thinking is
creative thinking
Conducting a brainstorming session works best when you
avoid making judgments and evaluations during the session.
The highest level of understanding in Bloom’s Taxonomy is
Which of the following would be considered part of critical thinking?
In becoming a critical thinker it is essential to
be aware of your hot spots (buttons).
The Power Process: “Embrace the new” encourages you to
all of the above
To avoid misinformation on the Internet, it is best to
examine the person or organization responsible for the site.
The lowest level of thinking in Bloom’s Taxonomy is
What makes uncovering assumptions so difficult?
The four ways to solve problems are
define the problem, generate possibilities, create a plan, perform the plan.
Test 6
An effective way to improve your ability to communicate is to
be aware of when you are the receiver and when you are the sender.
Team work presents two issues:
produce a result and find a process.
Improvement of nonverbal listening skills occurs when you
allow several seconds to pass before responding to someone.
In a first draft you
All of these.
Techniques for avoiding plagiarism include all of the following except
avoiding identifying details if your source is a Web page
Exhibiting good text message etiquette means you should
all of these
Netiquette includes which of the following points?
All of these
Which of the following can affect your written messages?
All of these
A technique for reducing and managing fear of public speaking is to
research the topic thoroughly.
Online postings can be available everyone
Techniques for avoiding plagiarism include all of the following except
test 7
Which of the following statements best exemplifies a speaker who is avoiding group stereotypes
Exemplary leadership practices include all of the following except
sustaining the enthusiasm of a project by taking full credit for its achievement
When we fall into the act of stereotyping, we
gloss over the individual differences within society.
Part of effective leadership is
reminding others of the long term vision.
The Power Process: “Choose your conversations” suggests that
Sexual harassment in a school setting includes
all of these
Cyberbullying can take forms such as
both a and b
Computer operating systems often have features that can make computer work more accessible. These include
Leadership is a skill that either comes naturally or not. It cannot be learned
Cyberbullying means using digital technology to harass, humiliate, or intimidate
test 8
The https:// in a URL is
an indication that the site has significant encryption technology to protect your financial information
One of the downsides of credit cards is that
Strategies for taking control of your credit cards include all of the following except
taking advantage of cash advance offers.
Solving financial problems in ways that protect you for the future include
seeking credit counseling and help you can trust, e.g. from the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.
Money management tools can include
all of the above
Studies show that ovtaining higher levels of education is associated with
The Power Process: “Risk being a fool”
suggests that taking risks may mean failure, but it can also add to your life experiences.
If you cannot pay off your credit card balance at the end of the cycle
all of these
Student loans from private companies always are available at lower interest rates than those sponsored by Federal Government
The Money Monitor/Money Plan System is the same as a household budget
You can use notebooks and folders to organize your finances, much as you would your coursework
Health insurance is only necessary for those with sizeable assets and poor health.
Watching what you spend on “fun” and checking your monthly phone bill can both help yo spend less and thus save more
Student discounts can be a useful part of a plan to spend less.
When the economic landscape is filled with more downs than ups, the smart student realizes that they might as well give up and put their educational goals aside
Test 9
Health is
a choice made with every decision
All of the following are characteristics of anorexia nervosa except
forced purges
The Power Process: “Surrender” suggests that you should
admit when you don’t have the resources to handle a problem and get help
The truth about substance abuse is that
you have to make choices about what you do to your body.
Symptoms of distress include
forms of physical discomfort.
Occasional emotional pain is not a sickness
Date rape is rape. it is a crime.
The birth control pill (hormonal control) is a 100 percent effective method of preventing pregnancy
Stress come in two forms-thoughts and physical sensations.
Guided imagery can be a way to relax, even while taking a test.
test 10
To get the most from interviews
get a feel for the organization by researching it.
Brainstorming a list of possible jobs might include
thinking about the things you routinely do to succeed in school.
Counseling is for
everyone with a concern.
Each job interview will have
a few basic questions that want to see how well you and the company will fit together
A resume is a
piece of persuasive writing with one purpose-to get a job interview.
The global marketplace offers
a limitless supply of career options.
The journey of the Master Student ends after graduation
Defining your goals is a powerful way to guarantee that you will have results
If a strategy fails to produce the results you want, you should feel free to give it up and choose a new one
Work-content skills are skills you use across several jobs in a related field
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