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Central Nervous System Stimulant Degenerative Disease Of The Brain Glasgow Coma Scale Medical Terminology Mental Status Examination
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Emergency Medicine Glasgow Coma Scale Information Theory Long Term Care
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Geriatrics Glasgow Coma Scale Nursing Nursing Assistive Personnel Patient-Family Centered Care: Maternal/Child Nursing Traumatic Brain Injury
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Glasgow Coma Scale Nursing
Med surge Test 3 – Flashcards 157 terms
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Closed Head Injuries Emergency Medical Technology Glasgow Coma Scale Head Tilt Chin Lift Jaw Thrust Maneuver Motor Vehicle Crashes Surgery
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EM EMS And Disaster Mgt Emergency Medical Technology Glasgow Coma Scale Surgery
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Altered Mental Status Emergency Medical Technology Glasgow Coma Scale Left Lateral Recumbent
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When assessing the motor function of a patient using the Glasgow coma scale, the nurse notes the patient’s hands and feets are turned inward. The nurse notes this a 3 which is called what?
Abnormal flexion – decordian
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What does the pediatric glasgow coma scale measure?
eye opening, motor response, verbal response
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Rapid assessment of LOC Use of Glasgow coma scale as indicated (GCS) Pupillary reaction Gross assessment of motor strength Gross assessment of sensation Vital signs
What is included in the Abbreviated Acute Assessment?
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What if Frank’s Glasgow Coma Scale rating obtained in this assessment?
What aspect of mentation does the Glasgow Coma Scale assess?
A college athlete is seen in the clinic 6 weeks after a concussion. Which assessment information will the nurse collect to determine whether a patient is developing postconcussion syndrome? a. Short-term memory b. Muscle coordination c. Glasgow Coma Scale d. Pupil reaction to light
a. short term memory
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Why is the Glasgow Coma Scale used by the nurse while performing an assessment in a traumatized client?
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Categories of the Glasgow Coma Scale
Eye opening Motor response Verbal response
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Glasgow Coma Scale Part 1: Eye opening
Response: Spontaneous (Score 4) Speech (Score 3) Pain (Score 2) No Response (score 1)
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what is the glasgow coma scale
Standardized tool for assessing LOC in brain injury patients; use for anyone you suspect to have a brain injury; Highest score- 15; Lowest-3
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