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Which planet formed closest to the Sun at temperatures below the freezing point of water?
Is the following a physical property, physical change, chemical property, or chemical change? Adding salt to water to lower the freezing point of water.
Physical Property Dissolving is physical
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A student poses the question: How does the presence of dissolved salt affect the freezing point of water? To answer this question, the student set up two conditions. In the first condition, the student added salt to water in a container and referred to this condition as the variable. In the second condition, the student did not add any salt to water in a second container and referred to this condition as the control. The student took both containers and attempted to freeze the water at various temperatures to assess the freezing point. Would this be a valid experiment?
Yes, because there is one variable and a control
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Microwaves may be used for the tempering of frozen foods. In this process the frozen food is A) heated to 60-80°C. to destroy pathogenic bacteria. B) held at a temperature just below the freezing point of water. C) placed on a heat susceptor in order to intensify localized heating. D) heated sufficiently to destroy essentially all microorganisms present.