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History and Systems Final Exam – Flashcards 295 terms
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Early Middle Ages Eastern Orthodox History of the Americas Roman Catholic Church Western Civilization World History
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AP World History Eastern Orthodox Reached Its Peak
Chapter 7: Byzantine Empire and Kievan Rus – Flashcards 10 terms
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Ancient Rome Eastern Orthodox Five Good Emperors Roman Catholic Church
Roman Empire Quiz – Flashcards 13 terms
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Ancient Rome AP World History Criminal Justice Eastern Orthodox World History
AP World History Chapter 9-10 terms – Flashcards 32 terms
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Why did the ruler convert to Eastern Orthodox? What happen to those who did not convert?
After seeing the Hagia Sophia → amazed by grandness = thought Orthodox Christianity to be best religion = decided to use this religion to unite its ppl & kill anyone who does not convert
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Catholicisim, Eastern Orthodox Christianit, Protestants, Islam, and Jewism.
What religions are found in Eastern Europe?
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Which is a branch of Christianity? A) Druze B) Eastern Orthodox C) Shiite D) Theravadist E) Judaism
Major factor in the spread of Eastern Orthodoxy was
The development of the Cyllic alphabet
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Which of the following statements is true of Ottoman relations with the Christian West? Christian powers stood united against what they described as the greatest threat to the Christian West since the Vikings. A papal ban on trade with the Ottoman Empire succeeded in largely cutting economic ties between the Christian West and the Ottomans. The Ottoman sultan allied with the pope in his effort to outlaw the Eastern Orthodox faith. Western Christian artists and thinkers on occasion represented the Ottoman Empire in a positive light.
Western Christian artists and thinkers on occasion represented the Ottoman Empire in a positive light.
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established church in northern europe and eastern orthodox in eastern europe
-Asoka incorporated Buddhist ideas into the laws he had carved on rocks and pillars placed throughout the Mauryan Empire. -Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. -prince Vladimir required all Russians to become Eastern Orthodox Christians.
leaders often use religion to unify an empire.
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3. From the Russian Revolution to the fall of the communist government, what was the policy of the government towards religion? a. all churches were closed b. the old church was replaced by Eastern Orthodox c. churches remained open but played a limited role d. youth were encouraged to attend so that the could be indoctrinated into communism
Be able to identify the three most important differences between Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy at the time of the Great Schism (MC)
Roman Catholic is Bishop of Rome is head of church, humans are saved through grace, and trinity grace flows from Father to Son. Eastern Orthodox is each bishop is independent, humans are essentially free of sin after baptism, and trinity grace flows only from Father.
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What is the difference between Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy?
Eastern Orthodox- emperor controls church clergy could marry Greek language main holiday was Easter outlawed prayer to icons Roman Catholic- pope controls church clergy can’t marry Latin language main holiday was Christmas allowed prayer to icons
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