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Capital Asset Pricing Model Finance
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An underpriced stock provides an expected return that is ____________ the required return based on the capital asset pricing model (CAPM).
greater than
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Calculate security ABC’s expected return using the capital asset pricing model. Risk Free Rate: 5%, Market Return: 15%, Beta: 1.5 A) 10% B) 20% C) 15% D) 25% E) 17%
True or False: An investment that is above the Capital Asset Pricing Model Line is considered overvalued. A) True B) False
Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
A model based on the proposition that any stock’s required rate of return is equal to the risk-free rate of return plus a risk premium reflecting only the risk remaining after diversification. The CAPM equation is ri = rRF + bi(rM ? rRF).
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