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12 terms
Erik is giving a speech in his art history course. He has carefully prepared his presentation and plans to deliver it from a brief set of note cards. What kind of delivery is Erik using?
extemporaneous speech
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Sabatino “Simon” Rodia could be classified as an outsider artist because of his refusal to work in a representational manner. preference for working on a large scale. use of discarded materials. lack of awareness of art history.
lack of awareness of art history.
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human anatomy / art history / geography
An atlas is a collection of maps that can provide information on
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is usually made by people who are unaware of art history or the art trends of their time.
Outsider Art
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Questions that an art history major would ask:
When was the work created? How did the artist come to create the work? What is the subject? Was there a patron who commissioned the work? Who were the artist’s teachers? Who was the audience? Who did the artist influence? Was the artist’s oeuvre shaped by historical events or artistic movements? What effect, if any, did the work have on artistic, political, and social events?
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What is the significance of drawing in relation to art history?
Art history has proven that drawing is the most fundamental activity of the artist.
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