Test 1 Dunn-haimann’s healthcare management

Industrial revolution
What theories of management has a date of 1700s-1800s?
Industrial REV.
What was known to transform to shops to factories, owner to workers, small to big?
Classical school
What theories of management has a date of 1800s-1950s?
Classical SCHOOL
What was known for man duties and scientific ways?
Scientific Management
What theories of management has a date of 1890-1940?
What was known to break down jobs into smaller parts to get the job done? also workers and machines, with an increase in the production line?
Human Relations Movement
What theory is dated to be 1930-Present?
Human Relations MOVEMENT
What theory has interviews of workers in order to make a better place and environment?
Human Resources School
What theory was dated from 1950-present?
Human Resources SCHOOL
What theory involved in motivation and leadership techniques to keep employees on coming back?
Contingency theory
What theory has the date of mid-1960s?
Systems Theory
What theory has the date of 1940’s-early 1990s?
Management as a Discipline Theory
What theory has the date of 1940s- present?
Chaos Theory
What theory has the date of 1960s-present?
What is the process of exchanging information in such a way that mutual understanding is achieved between two or more people about a work-related issues?
It is a vital to getting a job done, and also of social satisfaction
What is the purpose of communication?
What skill is necessary for success?
The message must be understood by both sender and receiver
What is the nature of communication?
What is the informal channel usually called?
What channel carries messages from one person or group to another in downward, upward, horizontal and diagonal directions?
What channels of communication are established by the organizational hierarchy and formal reporting relationships?
What channels follow the line of authority from the chief admin. to the employees?
Downward communication
What is the flow of down the hierarchy of an organization? such as when a VP tells a line supervisor about a new initiative, and the line supervisor tells her employees.
Upward communication
What is the flow up the hierarchy? such as when a nurse tells the nursing shift supervisor about a problem with a patient.
Horizontal communication
What is the communication across departments or among peers managers, departments, and coworkers in charge in different activites?
Diagonal communication
What is flow of information between positions that are on different lateral planes and activities of the organizational structure? such as when nursing personannel and the human resource department, or between nursing management and nonmanagerial members of other departments.
What is the study of language, particularly the multiple meanings of words and phrases and how they are used in the context of messages?
Verbal communication
What media is used most frequently for communication?
Oral communication
What is the most prevalent form of communication?
Visual Media
What help convey messages, in a form of blueprints, charts, graphs, models and etc?
Nonverbal communication
What type of communication uses body language, and can be contradicting to what is being expressed?
Good boss, comptent to the level above, effective communivator between levels, satifactory working condition between peers.
What are the areas of responsibilty of the supervisor?
Interpersonal, informational, decisional
What are the dimensions of a supervisory role?
Interpersonal role
What is a supervisor’s behavior? such as relationship with other supervisors, that links all managerial work.
Informational role
What is a supervisor’s behavior that ensures that information is received and processed?
Decisional role
What is a supervisor’s behavior that uses information to make a decision?
Technical Human relation and conceptual
What are Katz’s essential skill for managment?
What is the clinical and technical aspect of the work to be done?
Human relation
What is the concern of working with and motivating people and understanding individual and group feelings?
What is enabled to visualize the big picture and to understand how all parts of the organization contribute and coordinate their efforts?
Planning organizing staffing influencing and controlling
What are the Management functions tasks?
What involves the development of a systematic approach for attaining the goals of the organization?
What is the responsiblity of the manager that must determine how the work is to be accomplished and arrange of necessary resources to carry out the plan?
What refers to the managers responsibility to recruit and select employees who are qualified to fill the various positions needed?
What is the managerial function that refers to issuing directives and orders in such a way that staff responds to these directives to accomplish the job?
What is the function that ensures plans are followed, that performance matches the plan, and that objectives are achieved?
The process of getting things done with people by directing and motivating the efforts of individuals toward common objectives
What is a meaningful definition for management?
Span of management
What is the concept that defines the optimum number of subordinates a supervisor can effectively manage?
Unity of command
What is the concept that each individual should have one person to report to for any single activity?
What is a technique used to divided work activities into easily managed tasks and assign those tasks to individuals based on their skills?
What is a technique used to divided activities and people according to the needs of the organization or its customers?
Authority relationship
What is a set of theories concerning individuals rights to make decisions, makes assignments, direct activites, and so on regarding managing people, materials, machinery, expenses, and revenues?
What is the obligation to perform certain duties?
Line and Staff
What is the theory of authority that defines whether one has the authority to direct or advise?
Programmed decision
What pertains to repetitive, structured, and routine problems that have fixed answers and standardized operating procedures, methods, rules, and regulations?
Non-programmed decision
What pertaining to situations for which no standard solutions or protocols exist?
Define the problem, analyze the problem, develop alternatives, evaluate the alternatives and select the best, take action and follow up
What are the steps in the decision making process?
The most important and managerial function
What is planning?
emotional reactions, physical condition
What are additional barriers?
Minimize cost, reduce waste, optimum use of resources
What are the benefits of planning?
Long-rang planning, and strategic planning
What is the planning process?
Long-rang planning
What is generally a plan developed for accomplishing a goal or set of goals over a period of several years?
Strategic planning
What assumes that an organization must respond to a dynamic, changing environment and stresses the importance of making decisions that will ensure the organizations ability to successfully respond to changes in the environment?
Strategic plan document
What lays out a road map for the future?
The process
What engages key stakeholders in the debate?
Validating the mission statement
What is the first step in strategic planning?
Environmental assessment
What is a comprehensive analysis of conditions inside and outside an organization, ranging from politics to finances?
SWOT analysis
What evaluated the internal organization?
The vision
What is a statement about where the leadership sees the organization going in a designated period of time?
Planning horizon
What is the length of time for which a manager should plan?
Short-term planning
What covers a period of up to one year?
Intermediate planning
What covers a period of one to five years?
Long-term planning
What usually involves the extends beyond five years?
What must be flexible and adaptable to changes in the internal and external environments, and should represent measurable targets that lead to the achievement of a given goal?
Specific measurable attainable result-otiented time-limited
What indicates the steps to writing strong objectives?
Performance management
What is the process of monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of a plan?
Critical success factors
What are sub-goals of a plan, montiored during performance managment to measure progress of the overall plan?
Management by objectives
What is a system in which managers and subordinates set goals and use progress toward those goals as measures of success?
Conving the employees, gain their willingness, prepares them, mobilizes them, and tactical approches
When is the supervisor as an agent of change demonstrated by what?
Tactical approches
What are short term actions leading to goals?
Prompt versus wait and see, concentrated mass offensive, reciprocity
What are the planning strategies?
Concentrated mass offensives
What is a strategy that involves quickly getting resources and taking sudden radical action to get things solved?
What is a tatical involves giving a colleague something in return for somthing?
Materials, machinery, manpower
What is planning the utilization of resources?
Decrease liability, protect patients and employees, everyone’s responsible
What are plan’s of a safe environment?
Repeat-use, and single-use
What are the different types of plans can you divided into?
What are applicable whenever a problem situation presents itself that is similar to the one for which the standing plan was originally devised?
What is a plan for nonrecurring situations?
What is a standing plan set by top administrators and is general guidelines for a problem or situation?
written, simple, clear, referenced, immediately available, can be changed
How are policies clarified?
What is a repeat-use plan that leads towards achievement of an organization’s goal, and it explains the actions required to comply with policies?
What is a standing plan that is more detailed than one single part of a procedure?
Productivity standards
What are reasonably achievable quantitative qualitative expectations based on relevant data, benchmarks, industry metrics, or a combination?
Organizational manuals
What is a helpful tool for communicating the organization’s practices effectively?
What is a single-use plan with a complex set of activities to reach a specific and major objective?
What is a single-use plan smaller in scope than a program, and may be undertaken within any overall program?
Grantt chart
What is a bar chart that shows planned and actual activities of a project in a fashion that allows managers to see when activities are falling behind?
Project evaluation and review technique PERT
What is a planning tool that ensures complex projects are done on time?
Urgent and important
What are terms that define activites?
What item require immediate attention because they act on us?
What item have to do with results, and those contribute to managers mission values or goals?
Filter out, do the worst first, deal with it now, batch similar tasks
What are time management tips?
To eliminate time wasters
Why does a manager need to assess how his time is being used?
Boss-imposed time
What is used by an individual to accomplish those activities that the boss requires and the supervisor cannot disregard?
System-imposed time
What is used by an individual to support peers and to cooperate with and coordinate activities of the oranization?
Self-imposed time
What is used by an individual to accomplish the items the supervisor originates and agrees to do herself?
Subordinate-imposed time
What is the time spent dealing with subordinates such as counseling, evaluating and providing direction?
Theory X
What manager believes that the average employee dislikes work, avoids work, and tries to get by doing as little as possible?
Theory Y
What manager believes that consider work naturally and are the most eager to do the right thing, responsible, selfcontrol, and doesnt need to be reminded to do work?
Make a project management software
What would a manager do with employee theory X?
Based on a fair output
What would a manager do with employee theory Y?

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