Sysco Marketing Associate Exam

Category 1
Healthcare and Hospitality
Category 2
Category 3
Category 4
Category 5
Category 6
Category 7
Canned and Dry Goods
Category 8
Paper Goods and Disposables
Category 9
Chemicals and Janitorial
Category 10
Equipment and Supplies
Category 11
Category 12
Beverage and Dispensers
What are the top four primal cuts of beef?
Chuck, Rib, Loin, Round
What are the top five sub-primal cuts of beef?
Strip Loin, Ribeye, Top Sirloin Butt, Tenderloin, Top Round
What is Sysco’s Mission Statement?
To market and deliver great products to our customer’s with exceptional service.
What is Sysco’s Vision?
To be our customer’s most valued and trusted business partner.
What are the five stages of the Partnership Selling
Strategize, Identify, Propose, Commit, Reinforce
In what stage of PSP in OARS used in?
What does O.A.R.S. stand for?
Open-Ended Questions, Active Listening, Response, Silence.
What does T.E.D. stand for?
Tell me more about that…
What does PSP stand for?
Partnership Selling Process
What does PMT stand for?
Price Manager Tool
What is Sysco’s Five Point Strategy?
People, Product, Partnership, Portfolio, and Productivity
What is the purpose of a MA?
To grow sales profitably.
Brand –
the identity of a specific product, service, or business.
Brand Awareness –
customers’ ability to recall and recognize the brand.
Brand Promise –
what a particular brand stands for.
What are Sysco’s four brand positions?
Imperial, Supreme, Classic, Reliance.
What are the three main areas of Category Management?
Variety, Value, and Innovation
What are the five benefits of purchasing Sysco Brand products?
Safe, Reliable, Consistent, Value, Equity
What tools are available to sell the brand?
Magazines, Test Kitchens, 360, Cuttings
What are three ways to impact sales?
New business, lost business, and penetration.
Sysco Brand of Seafood
Sysco Brand of Hispanic Foods
Casa Solano
Sysco Brand of Italian Foods
Sysco Brand of Produce
Sysco Brand of Boxed Beef
Butcher Block
Sysco Brand of Deli
Block and Barrel
Sysco Brand of Pork
White Marble Farms
Sysco Brand of Ground Beef
Fire River Farms
Sysco Brand of Condiments
House Recipe
Sysco Brand of Bread
What are the goals of the “Identify” stage?
Open-Ended Questions, Key Motivators, Active Listening, and Call Objective
What are key behaviors of the “Identify” stage?
Active Listening, Open-Ended Questions
What are ways to build rapport?
Establish your brand and likability, challenge yourself to learn the names of team members, make connections with everyone
How do you handle an objection?
Seek specifics, be sure to understand any comparisons, double-check yourself
What are qualities of the “Propose” stage?
Have a compelling story, focus on select features and advantages, focus on profitability, OARS and transition to “Commit” stage.
What does F.A.B.S. stand for?
Features, Advantages, Benefits, and Story.
What is a “key influencer”?
Someone who affects the decision but is not the direct buyer.
What are the Key Motivators for a customer?
Makes them money, saves them money, makes someone happy.
What is the “seven second rule”?
Let silence do the “heavy-lifting”.
What is as trial close?
Test the readiness of the buyer to purchase the product.
What is the highest percentage of fat that ground beef can have?
What are the five different types of patties?
Round, Oval, Cloud, Stretch Band, and Jumbo.
What are the three grades of beef most commonly served in restaurants?
Prime, Choice, Select
What does C.O.P. stand for?
Center of the Plate
What are the three tiers of coffee?
Gourmet, Premium, and Traditional
What are the two types of coffee?
Arabica and Robusta
What are the four different types of communication styles?
Logical, Deliberate, Assuring, and Free-Style.
What does P.L.O.T. stand for?
Potatoes, Lettuce, Onions, and Tomatoes
What are three key features of Mobile Inventory?
Offline Mode, Cost of Goods Sold, and Tracking Inventory
What does L.P.H. stand for?
Last Price Held
What are the benefits of using PMT?
Saves time, sell more cases, and grow your business
What does N.C.O.B. stand for?
New Customer On Boarding
What are factors that influence cost of items?
Operational costs, freight, weather, Quality Assurance, Relationship with Supplier, Purchase Volume, and Sysco Brand
What does C.M.P. stand for?
Coaching Maximizing Performance
What are three causes of bacteria?
Cross-Contamination, Sanitation, Time and Temperature
On average at Sysco, what percentage of Sales Dollars does a territory lose each year?
What are the five ways Sysco make money?
Merchandising, Operations, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Profitability
What does Sysco stand for?
Systems and Services Company
What are five Sysco values?
Excellence, Integrity, Teamwork, Responsibility, Inclusiveness,
What does S.M.A.R.T. goals stand for?
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound.
What are the three tiers of the Portico brand?
Bounty, Simply, Prime
What are the four sub-categories of Menu Engineering?
Star, Plow Horse, Dog, Puzzle
How long does an average guest look at a menu?
109 seconds
MA’s that utilize business reviews grow their business __________ times more than those who don’t.
True or False: When presenting to customers, it is best to describe all the features of the product and then ask the customer for feedback.
What is the hot key combination in SAM to display gross profit dollars in the order total field?
Control + D
What is the hot key combination in SMX to navigate to the search field?
Control + S
What are the three key motivators for an MA?
To increase sales, decrease cost, and make someone happy
What are the customer levels?
Gold, Silver, and Bronze

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